Serato Studio Release Notes

12 September, 2019

New Features:

  • Added the ability to loop in Song View (use apostrophe ['] key to turn on/off)
  • Added the ability to seek and start from 1 beat increments in the Song View
  • Out of date library backups are now removed automatically
  • Added support for new iTunes SDK (macOS Catalina)

Other Changes:

  • Various library performance optimisations
  • Fixed editing BPM or any note cuts off all playing notes in a transposed project
  • Fixed automation sequence not copied correctly when duplicating a Deck
  • Fixed an issue with Numark Party Mix platters not working correctly
  • Fixed a possible crash using Soundtoys Echoboy VST
  • Fixed pressing spacebar while a Plugin is in focus re-triggering playback
  • Fixed selecting all on Drums Deck will select notes outside of scene length
  • Fixed changing scene during recording count-in starts recording wrong scene
  • Fixed an issue with note selection after changing scenes while dragging
  • Fixed selecting scene clip not selecting corresponding scene pad while not playing
  • Fixed command + clicking incorrectly placing all steps between click positions
  • Fixed a blank space in the deck list when deleting a deck
  • Fixed note selection after changing scenes while dragging
  • Fixed Serato Studio being able to edit Smart Crates from Serato DJ library
  • Fixed an issue where some plugins would sum the audio to Mono
  • Fixed a potential crash loading HY-Delay4 VST plugin
  • Fixed an issue where the Glide amount would not be correct

Version: Serato Studio 1.3
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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