Serato Studio Release Notes

20 August, 2019

New Features:

  • Added Mute and Solo for Drums Deck Pads
  • Added new Sidechain compressor effect
  • Added the ability to loop a Scene Page (double-click a selected scene page)
  • Added the ability to export Drum Pads as individual stems
  • Added the ability to reorder decks in the deck list
  • Added the ability to Cut a selection of Notes or Steps (command+C/Ctrl+C)
  • Added new demo projects into Serato Studio Sound Packs
  • Added support for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000SRT

Other Changes:

  • Metronome is audible during recording count-in when disabled
  • Improved performance of dragging files into the Library
  • Library backups are now zipped to take up less space
  • Serato Studio Sound Packs now install their content into dedicated crates
  • Added a notification when new Studio Sound Packs are available for download
  • Improved Relocate Lost Files feature to includes Project and Deck Preset Files
  • Fixed an issue where loading a reverb into a slot after a compressor increased deck volume
  • Fixed an issue where loading a file to a sample slot cleared the files default name
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the bottom file in a crate jumps selection to the the top
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the metronome stops working
  • Fixed an issue where loading a deck preset will reset custom deck name
  • Fixed an issue where Deck Sequence Waveforms would not update after changing the BPM
  • Fixed an issue where playing after BPM change can result in temporarily stuck playhead
  • Fixed an issue where loading over an Instrument Deck can reset Project Key to C Minor
  • Fixed an issue stopping a scene while recording a note results in a note that finishes at the end of the scene
  • Fixed an issue being unable to reorder Scene Clips in the Song View
  • Fixed an issue where collapse/expand Library or Song View bar appears at the bottom of Library or Song View
  • Fixed a potential crash with Akai AMX connected
  • Updated Scene Player Record Help Text

Version: Serato Studio 1.2.0
Size: 1.05 GB - includes Core Pack
Platform: Win

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