Scratch Live 1.9.2 Release Notes

22 October, 2009

What's new in 1.9.2

Features and improvements

- Playback of 96kHz audio file formats.

- Sample banks for the SP-6.

- Individual sample output selection and muting for the SP-6.

- Support for the Denon DN-HC1000S hardware controller.

- Improved Scratch Live start and exit times.

- Many more bug fixes and improvements.

96kHz File Support

- Scratch Live can now play audio files that are 96kHz.


- The SP-6 now has 4 available sample banks (A B C D). You can switch between sample banks by pressing A B C or D in the bottom right corner of the SP-6. These buttons can also be assigned to the TTM 57SL controls or MIDI for quick access.
- There are now individual output channel selectors and mute buttons for each sample slot. Choose 'master' to have the sample route through the SP-6 master output channel.
Ctrl+Click on the mute buttons on the SP-6 performs a momentary mute. (Mute only while the button is held down).
- Fixed bug where SP-6 did not always save/load settings on close/start up.

Denon DN-HC1000S

- Added support for the new Denon DN-HC1000S Scratch Live MIDI controller. The device is plug and play - plug it in and Scratch Live will automatically connect and configure the hardware.

Improved status bar

- The status bar notification system has been improved. This includes ensuring that important messages don't get overwritten.


- Improved History load and save times, and reduced memory usage. History sessions are now loaded on demand.
Note: Because of this your history sessions will appear empty in previous versions of Scratch Live.
- When using the TTM 57SL, tracks are now added to history based on the fader positions on the mixer. If the fader for a channel is opened, then the track is marked as played.
- Fixed crash that sometimes occurred on startup if Scratch Live had not exited cleanly.
- Fixed bug where dragging a history session onto the crate window would fill a crate with unplayed tracks even if the "show unplayed tracks" option was off.
- History no longer scrolls to the bottom when a track is loaded.
- Fixed bug on windows where & were drawn as _ in the history panel.
- Fixed bug where opening the history/files/prepare tab could scroll the crates view.

MIDI / Hardware Controllers

- Improved MIDI hot plugging on windows. Now hotplugging should work every time.
- Added improved library searching / tabbing with MIDI controls. Pressing MIDI forward and back buttons will now tab through the History and Files panels if they are open.
- Fixed bug where relative midi assigned knobs could be turned beyond their limits.
- Fixed bug where canceling a hardware tempo tap would not reset a songs bpm if it was previously present.
- Fixed bug where certain native midi controllers would not return to a blank state (lights etc) after Scratch Live has quit.
- Fixed bug where loading MIDI presets could overwrite native midi controller mappings for that session.
- Fixed bug where native MIDI controller mappings could appear in MIDI assign mode.
- Fixed bug where relative MIDI knobs would not always work correctly on knobs and sliders.
- Fixed bug where MIDI auto-loop select knobs would start at a different setting to the actual selected loop, so when turning the knob for the first time the loop length would jump.
- Fixed crash that could occur when triggering instant doubles with the Pioneer CDJ-400.
- Removed filtering out of reserved MIDI controls. (eg. on the Korg nanoKONTROL)
- Fixed bug where creating a new MIDI preset did not work when the current preset was unsaved.
- Fixed bug where MIDI scrolling in the browse panel caused the GUI to freeze.

File Access

- Fixed bug where certain QuickTime files would not play due to special characters in file path.
- Added the ability to drag and drop folders and files onto the rescan ID3 tags button.
- Fixed bug where ID3v1 year tags where imported as album tags.
- Fixed bug where overviews for short audio files would contain a graphical glitch.
- Fixed bug where greyscale album art would not show.
- Fixed bug where ID3 tags unused by Scratch Live could be cleared from WAV files.
- Fixed bug where the ID3 comment ('COMM' or 'COM') tag Scratch Live used would lose its comment descriptor on tag writing.
- Fix to crash where users with path names larger than 260 characters on windows could lead to a crash. (This could happen when using a hard drive that was created on Mac on a Windows machine).
- Fixed bug where Scratch Live would not recognize the Year frame in ID3v2.2 tags
- Fixed bug where corrupted white label files could lead to a crash.


- Fixed problem where the [i]iTunes library[/i] playlist would not load for iTunes 9.
- Added support for playback of M4A files from iTunes LPs.
- Bit-rate is now read in from iTunes.

Instant Doubles

- If you instant double while a track is playing in reverse, the doubled track now also plays in reverse.
- Ctrl + Shift + Left / Right (Load to other deck) now only performs an instant double if the instant doubles setup screen option is checked. Behaviour is now the same as pre-1.9.1.

Relocate lost Files

- You can now drag and drop individual files, drives, folders and crates onto the relocate lost files buttons to only search using those files.
- Fixed bug where Relocate Lost Files (full search) did not work the first time.
- Fixed bug where relocating lost files would lock up on audio tracks with videos attached.


- Fixed bug where long recordings could cause drop outs and high hard disk usage at the time of the recording split.


- Fixed bug on Mac OS 10.6 (SnowLeopard) where triplets of tracks could appear in the Scratch Live library.
- Fixed bug where the offline player would crash after sleep or on exit on Mac OS 10.6 (SnowLeopard).
- Improved stability for users who simultaneously use Itch and Scratch Live.
- Fixed bug where scrolling on a secondary display did not work (Windows only bug).
- Fixed bug where subcrate tracks could get merged into parent crates unintentionally.
- Fixed crash where importing m3u files with accented characters in them could lead to a crash.
- Fixed bug where the multiple tag edits confirmation box would become stuck on the screen while Video-SL was running.
- Metadata should save correctly for MP4 files regardless of the size of the metadata (note: previously if the metadata to be saved exceeded the MP4 metadata atoms, the data would be discarded).
- The prepare panel now has it's own column view when "custom crate columns" is off.
- Fixed bug where the Denon DN-HC4500s display and keys would stay illuminated after Scratch Live exit e.g. play / cue buttons still lighting up.
- Fixed bug where the Denon DN-HC4500s display and keys would not completely update when switching from CD to PC mode.
- Fixed bug where the key info display was not being cleared when a track was ejected.
- Fixed bug where searching in the browse panel (by typing when in a browse column) didn't always work.
- Fixed bug where erroneous bit-rate values may be displayed.
- Autoplay now skips over LiveFeed tracks.
- Fixed bug where pressing play in internal mode ignored the MIDI fine pitch slider.
- Fixed bug where analyzing files could lead to missing album art.
- Fixed bug where autoloop button on/off state could become out of sync with what the auto loop was actually doing.
- Fixed bug where large vinyl start offsets could result in emergency internal mode not working.
- Fixed bug where loading to the right deck in offline player caused analyze files to stop (always happened with MP4s but could also happen with other file types)

Known Issue

- Running Scratch Live 1.9.0 after running 1.9.2 will cause stability issues in 1.9.0. If you wish to run an older version of Scratch Live, please use 1.9.1 or 1.8.3.

Running more than one version of Scratch Live

Installing this version will by default overwrite any previous version you had installed, however it is easy to have more than one version of Scratch Live installed if you wish.

If you have an important gig coming up, you might like to stick with the version you know until you are comfortable with this version. Here's how to do it:
Windows Users

Before installing, find the Scratch Live executable (by default it is in C:\Program files\Serato\ScratchLIVE, and rename it. It makes sense to name it in a way that suggests which version of Scratch Live it is. For example, if you're renaming Scratch Live 1.9.2 call it Scratch Live 1.9.2.exe. When you install the new version, the old executable will not be deleted, and you can choose which you want to run by going into that folder and double clicking on the appropriate executable.

Mac users

Before installing, rename the existing application file as above (eg. Scratch Live 1.9.2) - you have to be admin to rename it. (If you aren't admin, you can copy it to another location, and then rename it.)

Backing up your data

Before you make any changes to your Scratch Live setup, including installing a new version, as a general rule we highly recommend that you backup your data and your music files. The easiest way to backup your data is to simply copy your Scratch Live folder to another location on the drive:

  • For the drive that contains "My Documents" (or your Home drive on Mac), just copy the Scratch Live folder which is in "My Documents\My Music\" to another location on this drive. Alternatively make a copy of the folder where it already is and rename it by adding the date to the folder name so you know what's in the backup.
  • To back up the database and crates from an external drive, copy the _ScratchLive_ folder (which is in the root of the drive) into another folder on the same drive.

Version: Scratch Live 1.9.2
Platform: Win