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It has been replaced by Serato DJ

Scratch Live 1.9.2

What's new in Scratch Live 1.9.2?

  • 96kHz audio file support
  • Sample Banks for the SP-6 Sample Player
  • Individual Sample output selection and muting for the SP-6
  • Support for the Denon DN-HC1000S hardware controller.

Scratch Live 1.9 contains the following new features

  • SP-6 Sample Player
  • LiveFeed
  • Loop Roll
  • History
  • Rane SL 3 Support
  • Show album art on deck
  • Key Tag support
  • Custom Crate Column
  • Pioneer MEP-7000 Support

Known Issue

Running Scratch Live 1.9.0 after running 1.9.2 will cause stability issues in 1.9.0.

Release Notes

Read the full Release Notes for Scratch Live 1.9.2.