Serato Sample Release Notes

20 October, 2021

New Features

  • Pitch 'n Time On/Off - Switch Pitch 'n Time off for a traditional pitch fader workflow. Ideal for sampling 808s, or ensuring higher-pitched samples play faster and lower-pitched samples play slower in Keyboard Mode
  • Quantize - Turn Quantize on to ensure all your cues snap to the Beatgrid
  • HiDPI support for Windows - Sample now scales correctly on Windows HiDPI displays
  • Beatgrid Improvements - Enjoy more editing controls for better Beatgrid precision, including 'Set Grid Start', TAP Tempo, grid metronome and more.

Other Changes

  • Fixed a crash when opening file dialog with multiple Sample instances running in FL Studio
  • Fixed a crash when deleting or moving a cue while host automates its parameter
  • Fixed a bug where playing a source song enables delete button for favorited cue
  • Fixed a bug where cue can't be resized when resize handle is too close to Grid button
  • Fixed an issue where there is an audible click on trigger mode cue release with filter applied
  • Fixed a bug with audible clicks when releasing cues in hold mode
  • Fixed a bug where key Shift Pad autoset mode available after SHIFT + deleting cue
  • Fixed a bug where entering '+' or '-' symbols into BPM fields results in "NaN" value and unexpected undo behaviour
  • Fixed a bug where LE Activation and Upgrade messages overlap after license activation
  • Sample will no longer install on MacOS 10.11 and below

Version: Serato Sample 1.4
Size: 28.77 MB
Platform: Win