Serato Sample Release Notes

14 October, 2020

New Features

  • Beatgrid support - Adjust beatgrids so they are perfectly in time
  • Glide - Glide between notes while in Keyboard Mode
  • Serato DJ Cue Points - Use "Serato DJ" from the Autoset menu to load any cue points you may have added using Serato DJ
  • More parameters are now exposed to the host for automation

Other Changes

  • Added keyboard shortcuts on the pads when used in Serato Studio
  • Vouchers are now entered through
  • Fixed an issue with cues stacking incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where pressing 'Enter' performing an action in Logic transport
  • Fixed an issue where waveform and overview cues are highlighting incorrectly with multiple cues selected
  • Fixed a crash loading a track 192kHz or above
  • Fixed a crash loading an extremely short track
  • Fixed an issue where changing source song leaves Key/Detune in incorrect state
  • Fixed an issue attempting to log in to Sample with an incorrect password
  • Fixed an issue returning inconsistent Key for different sample rates
  • Fixed an issue where Keyboard focus was lost from text boxes (Ableton, AU only)
  • Fixed an activation error remaining on screen after logging out
  • Fixed an issue with modifier keys not releasing when shifting focus back to host
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter to confirm text entry would trigger system alert sound in Maschine
  • Fixed an issue where Key Pad Mode could be selected and used through host automation where it should be disabled
  • Fixed an issue where a long click on a dropdown menu does not change selection
  • Fixed an issue using keyboard shortcuts to interact with text if selected with triple-click in text field
  • Fixed an issue where activation and missing file messages overlap after license activation

Version: Serato Sample 1.3
Size: 14.75 MB
Platform: Win