Playlists Privacy Policy


Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH, collectively "Serato DJ software", have a History feature which contains a log of the music you have played.

Playlists is a feature which allows you to store, edit and promote what you have played (ie your History) through the Serato Websites.

Serato Websites means websites owned and run by Serato Limited, "Serato", namely, and

The History feature of Serato DJ software allows you to select a number of History Sessions, and optionally "Export to Serato Playlists", which sends information from those History Session from your Serato DJ software, to the Playlists feature.

The Serato Website Privacy Policy applies to the Playlists feature to the extent that the Playlists feature involves Serato Websites.

What Information is sent from your Serato DJ software to Playlists?

If you choose to use Playlists, the information sent from your Serato DJ software to Playlists includes Computer Information, which contains basic computer profile information, and Play Information, which is information about the music you played.

Computer Information includes your computer OS, time and date information, your IP address, and an ID representing the export.

Play Information includes a copy of the information from the History feature, which you elected to export to Playlists.

For each History Session the following information is sent: your Serato DJ software and version, Session name (if you have named it in your Serato DJ software), Session start and end times and duration, the date and time the Session was last edited in History, the time zone during the Session, and IDs representing the Session.

For each Track in the selected History Sessions the following information is sent: IDs representing the session, time started and finished and duration and percentage played, which Virtual Deck the track was on, whether the track was played or not, whether the track is a Whitelabel track, the Whitelabel release and track IDs, the date and time the track was last edited in the History, and copies of certain ID3 tags as they are stored in the History: artist, track, album, genre, label, BPM, key, remixer, composer, year, rating, track number, bit and sample rate, file name and file size, track length.

Please note that we do not send any other ID3 tags not listed above, such as Comments or Grouping, and we do not send any other Serato DJ software Library Information not already mentioned such as the track Location (ie where the track lives on your computer hard drive).

Please note that you are able to edit the following parts of the Play Information sent from History to Playlists: the artist, track, and whether a track was played or not.  Tracks can also be inserted to represent tracks that are played from different sources (eg a vinyl record).  This information can be edited both when in your Serato DJ software History (ie before exporting to Playlists), and when accessing your Playlists on Serato Websites (ie after exporting from Serato DJ software to Playlists).

Serato makes no representations as to the accuracy of any Playlist. The accuracy of any Playlist is dependent on a number of factors that are outside of Serato's control, such as the accuracy of ID3 tags associated with any Track, and any edits made to Play Information.

Who can view my Playlists?

You can choose to keep individual Playlists Private or make them Public. Private Playlists are only visible to you and Serato. Public Playlists can be shared with everyone on the Internet.

Whitelabel Reporting

Serato offers a promotional music service called to all of our Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH DJs. offers hundreds of tracks to download, all of which are equipped for instant play in any of our DJ software. You can view the User Agreement here.

At the top of your Playlists page, there is an option to "Let Record Labels follow my Whitelabel Plays". Selecting this option sends information from songs you have downloaded on Whitelabel to the Record Labels associated with those releases.

If you choose to share plays, your plays will be tracked in the same way that downloads are tracked on Record labels will be able to see your username/DJ name, location, any residencies or other relevant Personal Information you have on your User Profile. Record labels can already see these things if you have downloaded their track.

One of the reasons Serato started was to revive the tradition of DJs breaking records. Sharing these plays allows Record Labels to gauge how popular their tracks are with DJs. This is the most telling form of feedback - if DJs aren't playing the tune, chances are it's not a hit.

What Information is Shared with the Record Labels?

The information that will be shared from your Playlists includes the artist and title of the track, the time you played it, and the location you played it at (if you have entered this information into the Playlist).

Please note that only information for tracks that you have downloaded from will be shared with Record Labels. Record Labels will not be able to see information about any other tracks you play, unless they are part of your Public Playlists.

Contributing to the Serato DJ Charts

The Serato DJ Charts are music charts compiled by Serato using Play Information from DJs who optionally wish to contribute their Playlists to the charts. It will be the most accurate representation of what DJs are playing around the world. There is an option at the top of your Playlists page to "Contribute my plays to the Serato DJ Charts". If you elect to contribute your playlists Playlists to the Serato Charts, your information is submitted anonymously.

What Information is Collected to form the Serato DJ Charts?

The information that is used to form the chart comes from the artist, track, and label information of the tracks on your Playlists. We may also consider using parts of your Personal Information in the event Serato makes refined Charts in the future (for example we may take your Location to form Regional Charts, or your Genre Preferences to form Genre Charts).

Can any other third parties Access Playlists Information?

Serato takes your privacy very seriously and we will take all reasonable measures to ensure that your personally identifiable information remains private. However, Serato may release Private Personal Information and other Identifiable Information when Serato considers it appropriate to do so for legal compliance and law enforcement, or to facilitate court proceedings.