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Is this article too nerdy for our blog

Article on turning an old hard disk into a rotary input device.

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16 Nov, 2008

Dress to Empress

Check out some pictures from DJ Empress as she DJs at Club Love in NYC.

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10 Nov, 2008


OTA at MPC Championship

Video routine of Jeremy OTA from the Opensouls as he is crowned the New Zealand MPC Champion of 2008.

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6 Nov, 2008

Jay Z, Lil Wayne & Ne-Yo Pics

Photos from the Neyo, Lil Wayne and Jay Z concert in New Jersey 2010.

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5 Nov, 2008

Babey Drew in AK

DJ Babey Drew stops into the Serato HQ in Auckland while on tour with Chris Brown and Rihanna.

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4 Nov, 2008


Downtown Isis Video Thanks

Videos and free music from Downtown Isis.

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30 Oct, 2008


Future Sailors!

Video from a Scratch Live user doing a mix of songs from the UK TV show the Mighty Boosh.

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24 Oct, 2008

Welcome back AM!

DJ AM welcomes a massive line up of artists for the Welcome Home DJ AM gig at Avalon in LA.

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15 Oct, 2008

Fast times in NYC

DJ Vice celebrates his 30th Birthday at Marquee in New York.

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13 Oct, 2008


Laptop LIVE

Article from the New Yorker about the increasing number of musicians using laptops as a part of their live performance.

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8 Oct, 2008

Serato X - The Lowdown

Serato throws a big party in Auckland with some international DJs to celebrate it's tenth anniversary 2008.

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30 Sep, 2008

New Manuva

Roots Manuva releases his brand new album Slime and Reason.

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24 Sep, 2008