New Manuva

Slime & Reason
Slime & Reason

After what seems like a lifetime (three years in fact), Roots Manuva is back, and in good form it seems, releasing his brand new album "Slime and Reason."

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MK 1 1:39 PM - 9 October, 2008
I bought the special 2CD edition (in pink!) His best work yet IMO. How he accomplished surpassing his already high standards is beyond me.. I can't pick a fave track, i think a few could match "Witness" though, one day (maybe).

The Slime & Version disc is, well... Buy it and witness the sickness :)
Brigid 2:34 AM - 10 October, 2008
I heard a funk remix of Witness this morning and I normally hate anyone who touches the original* but this one was alright eh. Haven't figured out who its by yet.

*excluding Witness Dub...sooo good
MK 1 4:44 PM - 10 October, 2008
Oh yeah! Witness Dub is boss!!!!!