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Sonar 2015: Artist Photos

The Serato Artist team were out and about at this year’s Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. We caught up with a bunch of our favourite DJs & producers to see how our products are being used in the real world in some impressive environments. Check out some photos!

Sonar Festival 2012 Photos

There was a small Serato contingent over at Sonar Festival this year hanging out with our artists.

Serato, Novation and Ableton at Sonar 2011

Serato team up with Novation and Ableton to bring a unique presence to Sonar 2011.

Dia 3 de Sonár

The Serato crew head along to day 3 of the Sonar Festival in Barcelona 2010.

Sonar de Noche

The Serato crew headed along to the Sonar by Night party which was held at SonarLab in Barcelona 2010.

Sonar Day 2

The Serato crew check out some artists on day 2 of the Sonar festival in Barcelona 2010.

Hola Barcelona! Hola Sonar!

The Serato crew catch up with some friends and check out some artists at Sonar in Barcelona, 2010.