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Learn: Smart Crates

Smart Crates are an efficient way to keep your library in check and managed neatly. Learn how to make the most of them!

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17 Feb, 2016

Pro Tip: Emoji Ratings

Emojis can be useful visual tools to rate your music. Add Serato Smart Crates to the mix and they are a great way to organise your library and sort out your main room bangers from the poolside set starters. Read how to use Emojis and Smart Crates as a rating tool.

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27 Jul, 2015

Pro Tip: Harmonic Mixing Crate

Here's a handy pro tip from one of our Product Specialists, Karl Y. How to set up a series of Smart Crates that help you mix harmonically.

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14 Mar, 2015

Learn: Quantize & Cues

Cue Points are probably the most basic, and most well used feature in Serato DJ. There are some more unknown additional features too! Have a read and see how you can start using cues to the fullest.

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4 Jan, 2015

Pro Tip: Quick Smart Crates

Serato Product Specialist Matty Perry gives us some quick easy steps to create some handy Smart Crates in Serato DJ - check it out!

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16 Oct, 2014

Using Mixed in Key with Serato Software

The best way to use Mixed in Key with Serato software by Matt P from the Support Team.

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12 May, 2013