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SeratoCast #33 LeFtO

SeratoCast number 33 is from one of Europe's most important tastemakers, LeFtO. All done in one take with LeFtO's weapon of choice the Rane Sixty-Two, he shows us why he is known as a 'tastemaker'. Check this mix with some exclusive unreleased tracks and some of LeFtO's favorites, spanning many genres.

DJ Woody, Polyphonic Scratching!

The world of turntablism is built on innovation and creativity. There's also been the thought that the turntable could be an instrument in it's own right, rather than just a tool for playing musical compositions. DJ Woody takes that a step further in this video, creating polyphonic scratches with just one turntable!

Dj Hedspin & Adam Doubleyou - Closed Circuit Session Volume 1

Check out another video from DJ Hedspin that's been floating about the internet. This time, he's teamed up with Adam Doubleyou for a little back to back routine - all captured on tape.

DJ Vajra now Chris Karns - New Mix!

DJ Vajra is now known as Chris Karns. Check out the latest mix and video of Chris giving the Sixty-Two a thrash.

The Do-Over NZ Edition

Last month legendary LA party The Do-Over brought their sunshine infused fun all the way to New Zealand, the home of Serato.

NAMM 2012: Press Conference for new Rane mixers

Yesterday we announced three new mixers with Rane: the Sixty-One, Sixty-Two and Z-Trip's Limited edition Sixty-Two Z.

The Rane Sixty-Two Z - co-designed by DJ Z Trip

Z-Trip was one of the first premier DJs to embrace the Rane TTM 56 as mixer of choice, and now gets his own version of Rane’s newest and best turntablist mixer, the Sixty-Two Z.

New mixers from Rane!

The day is finally here! Rane and Serato are proud to announce the Rane Sixty-One and Sixty-Two mixers for Serato Scratch Live.