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UPDATE: 1.9.6 Pitch Play Mappings

Previously exclusive to a select amount of DJ hardware, Pitch Play is now available to use with a variety of Serato supported hardware. Allowing Pitch 'n Time DJ owners to play Cue Points across a range of keys.

DIY: Custom Akai Pro AMX Stand

Check out one of the best custom DIY jobs we've seen! At our last workshop series in Switzerland, Serato DJ user Dominik Efendi recently showed us his awesome custom case / riser for his Akai Pro AMX - complete with extra MIDI control built in! Take a look and watch a short video walkthrough.

Pro Tip: Remapping Fader Start To Cues

A pro tip from our LA artist relations rep, Matty P. Learn how you can remap fader start on your Pioneer DJM-900NXS or DJM-900SRT to cue points and get hands on control, directly on your mixer.

Learn: MIDI Output Lighting

MIDI output lighting is now available for your secondary MIDI devices in Serato DJ 1.7.2. Learn what it means and how to use it.