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Announcing: Serato DJ Club Kit

The Serato DJ Club Kit is the latest addition to Serato’s brand new collection of software kits. Find out more...

Pro Tip: Echo Out is here!

The Echo Out effect is now in Serato DJ. Formerly a staple part of the Scratch Live DJ FX range, Echo Out is now available as part of the Wolf Pack expansion pack. Read how to activate and use it like a boss!

Now Available: DVS Expansion Pack

The DVS Expansion Pack for supported Serato DJ controllers is now available for Serato DJ 1.7. Read on to find out more and see which hardware is DVS upgrade ready.

Available Now: Serato Flip

Serato Flip is now available! The latest Expansion Pack for Serato DJ, Flip allows you to create custom edits, extend and re-imagine your music. Read on to find out more.

FX Chains #003

All three FX slots are needed for these combos. These are best used in the lead up to the next crazy drop, or during one of those drawn out breakdowns for a bit of added spice. Read on...

FX Chains #002

Continuing on with our FX Chain series, here are three combos that use FX available in our FX Expansion Packs for Serato DJ.

Jet Pack! Coming Soon for Serato DJ

The latest release of Serato DJ FX Expansion Packs powered by iZotope, the Jet Pack, is a trippy, spacey & rave infused pack of FX. Check out what's coming soon!