FX Chains #002

Continuing on with our FX Chain series, here are three combos that use FX available in our FX Expansion Packs for Serato DJ.

Only two FX slots are needed for these combos, which are best used for building up the hype before you drop your heat. It also gives you another free slot for a standard effect you use all the time like Echo. Try out this chain using the Time Freeze (BackPack) and ComboFadeEcho (Wolf Pack).

The Time Freeze effect stretches out your audio to slow everything down with a distinct digital sound - you get that 'slowing/slowed' down effect. Pair this with the Combo Fade Echo from the Wolf Pack and you have a unique transition:

1. Start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2

2. In slot 1, make sure the Time Freeze parameter is set to 0%. From here set the ComboFadeEcho parameter in Slot 2 at about 75%. 

3. When within the transition point of the song, turn ON Time Freeze and then gradually, but slowly, turn the FX 1 knob to reciprocate the 'turning OFF the turntable' sound.

4. When the Drop is due, and you have a nice Time Freeze effect going, turn the ComboFadeEcho FX slot ON right before the drop so it pierces through those speakers!

When you've mastered the above, try out this combo using the Tremolo (Base Pack) and Noise Sweep (Chip Pack)

The Tremolo effect from the BasePack FX Pack is very similar to a transform, to put it simply, the effect is basically muting and un-muting the sound - REALLY fast. Add the  Noise Sweep from the Chip Pack, and you have a slammer of a transition.

1. Start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2.

2. In FX slot 1, place Tremolo, and in FX Slot 2, Noise Sweep. 

3. Here you need set the Tremolo parameter. This can be done to how ever you feel is right for you but ideally you want it so that there is a noticeable 'chop' in the track (however not so much that the intervals and chops are too bold). We recommend setting the Tremolo parameter to about 50%. From here set the Noise Sweep parameter to 0%.

4. When the drop is due, turn on FX slot 2 to arm the Noise Sweep. Going in time with the beat, turn ON the Tremolo. When the drop is due, quickly sweep and turn OFF the Tremolo right before. BOOM.

Time for one more... This FX chain uses the Pan Delay (Base Pack) and Noise Sweep (Chip Pack)

Quite frankly, this combo here could change the game. The Pan Delay effect from the BasePack FX pack will apply a delay, and then throw the track and effect in a panning motion from left to right - the Noise Sweep adds some extra woooooosh in there.

1. Start by setting the Beats Multiplier to 1/2.

2. Place the Pan Delay in FX slot 1 and Noise Sweep in FX slot 2.

3. Set the Pan Delay so that there is a noticeable application to the track, we've set the parameter to about 50%. Also, Set the Noise Sweep FX to the usual 0%

4. Once you're in the transition or drop zone, with the tempo of the beat in mind, turn ON the Pan Delay. You can adjust the Pan Delay parameter slightly if needed. As the drop is approaching, quickly sweep with with FX knob 2, and pull down the Channel fader to give a Post Fade (hardware dependent) effect. 

Got hella Multi-FX combos? Care to share?  

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