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Chris Karns Interview and SeratoCast

Currently Chris is touring with Pretty lights and using his Serato DJ setup in a slightly different way than usual, so we caught up with him to check it out. Watch now.

Global Scratch Jam w/ Chris Karns, JFB, Skratch Bastid and Pfel (C2C)

The internet is a great thing. How else could you watch four great turntablist DJs perform a synchronised routine from the USA, Canada, UK and France all at once? Watch this global scratch jam with Chris Karns, JFB, Skratch Bastid and Pfel (C2C).

SeratoCasts of December

This month we released a SeratoCast every week to celebrate 2014, the start of Summer in New Zealand and to take us into the new year in style.

DJ Vajra now Chris Karns - New Mix!

DJ Vajra is now known as Chris Karns. Check out the latest mix and video of Chris giving the Sixty-Two a thrash.