SeratoCasts of December

This month we released a SeratoCast every week to celebrate 2014, the start of Summer in New Zealand and to take us into the new year in style.

We started with Jon 1st who bought us the mix titled 2 Weeks. "As the name of the mix suggests, this is a collection of tracks I've been listening to over the last fortnight, ranging from footwork to hip hop, beats to jungle, with a sprinkling of scratching on top. Artists featured include Stray, NameBrandSound, NehruvianDoom, Machinedrum and Aphrodite. Big love to Serato for featuring the mix!"

SeratoCast Mix 16 - Jon 1st by Serato on Mixcloud

Which was followed by "The Greatest Mix of the year" from our man Chris Karns. "This mix is mostly a bunch of material that I have been playing out in my sets and random ideas from the past few years. Very scratch heavy, but hey, I gotta be me! The reason I chose the title "The Greatest Mix of All Time" is because that is the standard I hold myself to. An insane amount of work went into every little detail because I will only release material that I can be proud of and feel a sense of accomplishment about when I'm finished. After 18 years of DJing, I can definitely say that this is the signature mix of my career (so far...). Enjoy!"

SeratoCast Mix 17 - Chris Karns by Serato on Mixcloud

Next was from our homie Complexion from the Future Beats show with his mix titled: Discovery. "I’ve titled this mix ‘Discovery’ in the hope that people will find new music or fresh and exciting versions of old favourites. In this day and age it is all too easy to pinpoint track names and artists using Shazam, I remember when DJs were taste makers and broke new music rather than just playing what is hot. People became infatuated with songs they heard in the wild and made it a mission to track learn more about it, thus growing their musical horizons during the journey. With Discovery I hope to recall that sense of exploration and growth. I hope you enjoy my interpolation of Future Beats."

SeratoCast Mix 18 - Complexion by Serato on Mixcloud

The Final mix for the year is a special mix with 3 of New Zealand's all stars, DJs CXL, Substance and Spell, who passed the mix around and added their 20 minute flavour to make one crazy 60 minute SeratoCast perfect for your next party.

SeratoCast Mix 19 - NZ special ft. CXL, Substance & Spell by Serato on Mixcloud

Keep posted for more SeratoCast mixes in the new year and check out all SeratoCasts from 2014 here.