Win with the Allen & Heath Xone:DX and Serato ITCH!

Super-size Your Studio!

Do you own an Allen & Heath Xone:DX controller for Serato ITCH? Would you like to get your hands on some seriously cool accessories to super size your studio? Then polish up your routine and enter our Xone:DX video competition.

All you need to do is show us your skills by filming a short DJ routine using Serato ITCH with the Xone:DX. There’s a massive prize pack up for grabs featuring:

How to Enter

Film your routine, upload it on Youtube or Vimeo and post a link on the Serato H.Q Facebook page (or tag us from your page). The video should be no longer than 5 minutes and must be performed with the Xone:DX and Serato ITCH.

The competition closes on 6th of May 2011, and the winner will be notified via Facebook by 20th of May 2011.

Stuck for ideas? Check out this quick routine that Matt from Serato put together after our Friday office drinks.

Comments (7)

DJ Wizdom 7:24 PM - 16 June, 2011
Who won?
dave 3:44 AM - 8 July, 2011
The winner was announced on Facebook here:

Martin Hill won with this video:
DJ Wizdom 5:53 PM - 8 July, 2011
Well Deserved and congrats to Mr. Hill I say!
Dave quick question. Who would I get in touch with if I am having mechanical problems with my Xone:DX? Nothing major, just a dial that is getting stuck. Is there an american number for Allen&Heath?
dave 8:18 PM - 8 July, 2011
Details here:

There's a UK number, you can try that or call their American distributor: (looks like we need to update that link on our support page)
DJ Wizdom 12:15 AM - 12 November, 2011
Dave I got my Xone:DX fixed today. It was still under warranty and got the knob fixed and the headphone jack sorted out. Very nice to have her work at full strength.
dave 7:54 AM - 22 November, 2011
Nice :)
kendell 11:35 PM - 28 May, 2013
songs like some good stuff