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Happy New Year everyone!

As the Summer months are upon us (yes, Summer down here), a good mixtape does nor go astray when driving around to beaches, having BBQs or when you work through your holidays while everyone else parties. Stink. They're pretty awesome in Winter as well.

I went round the office here and found some of our favourite mixes to listen to from labels and Scratch Live/ITCH artists that we work with on the reg.


Hessle Audio

Founded by Ben UFO and DJ/Producers Ramadanman and Pangaea this label celebrates techno, dubstep, garage and other electronic influences, and is one of the most innovative new (well, since about 2006) labels around. Supporting artists like TRG, Untold, and Martyn has seen them rise in popularity, and have quickly become a favourite label in the office. If you want to know a bit more about them, Resident Audio did a killer feature on them here.

Mix from Ramadanman
Mix from Ben UFOMix from Pangaea

DJ Spinbad
No list of mixtapes would be complete without including one of Spinbad's. He brought out a 90s mix last year which killed, but his 80s mixes are still some of my favourites. The one below is the sequel to his infamous "Rock the Casbah" 80s mix which pretty much started the whole mash-up ting.

Spinbad's 80s Mix

One of the most versatile DJs around, A-Trak always manages to pull some awesome rabbits out of his hat (Duck Sauce anyone?). I wrote about it when it came out, but Infinity+1 was one of my mixtape highlights from last year. Party time fun time. You can buy this mix from pretty much anywhere (iTunes, Amazon, etc)

Preview Inifinity+1

What a guy, and what a mix! Martyn consistently delivers intelligent tunes and mixes that you can seriously dance too. As opposed to non-serious dancing. Can't wait till he makes it one day to New Zealand (cough hint hint cough). For those who think he's all dubstep and techno, check out the Brainfeeder mix he did below featuring classic hip hop tracks from the likes of J Dilla and MF Doom

Martyn Fabric Radio Mix
Martyn Brainfeeder Mix

Oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang. For some reason, writing stuff about Diplo makes me want to write childish nursery rhyme stuff. Maybe because his bio according to Twitter is "mekalekahigh mekahighnee ho". Anyway, picked by Aroha, it's around five years old now and still bangs our drum. How good is The Cure into Outkast? Wa wa wee wa.

You can listen to a few tracks here, but you've got to buy this for the full effect.

Do these guys make bad stuff? I don't think so. Their remix of Psychic City by Yacht had to be one of the biggest tunes of 2009 (amongst the rest of their heaters). This mix of theirs from last year is pretty awesome. Another act that would do well to travel downunder sometime soon. Listen!

Classixx Mix

A relatively new DJ on the scene, Borgore is already making big waves. With influences of Dubstep, Rock and Hip Hop, Borgore's sound is a heavy and industrial with a bus load of bass. Coming off a US tour, and already collaborating with big players and labels, Borgore will definitely be an interesting DJ to watch in 2010.

Gorestep's Most Hated Mixtape

Steve Lawler
He's the man. (Thanks Dave) Draws music from all over the show in the house scene, and then puts it together in one big delicious pot of DJ soup. Yummo

Steve Lawler Big Shot Mix

King Midas Sound
We love Kevin Martin. Sonic genius!

FACT mix 103: King Midas Sound

How could I make a list of mixtapes and not mention this guy. He's put out tape after tape over the years, so it's hard to pick just one mixtape to post up. The Droppin Science mix definitely goes up. His "Thank You Jay Dee" mixes are always good. Everyone has their own favourite, and if you've never heard any mixes from J Rocc, have a scrounge around. He really does something for everyone. Skills for daaaaays.

Droppin' Science Blue Note MixDil's Beat Shop Mixtape

I know I'm forgetting killer ones, so excuse me if this list grows longer as the days go on. Maybe I could do a part two?

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baseline 3:26 AM - 6 January, 2010
Some great mixes in here, Part 2 is essential! Notably missing from here are A Sides and DJ Marky.
Brigid 3:33 AM - 6 January, 2010
Absolutely, they have some classic mixes. I'll add some tomorrow
Nkjie 3:47 PM - 6 January, 2010
Some great mixes in here, Part 2 is essential! Notably missing from here are A Sides and DJ Marky.

You're right. Great mixes.
terrible1fi 9:30 PM - 6 January, 2010
dope checking these out. thanks
DANNY V 9:55 PM - 16 January, 2010
Enjoyed these mixes...Thanks ''WL''
twinvomp@live.com 5:05 AM - 18 January, 2010
some of the mixes remind me of the studio-54 days, The Paradise Garage days, and the club shelter, and space days. Some of the mixes were ok, and some were very well put together with creativity. NICE... THANKS
Barkin'Soul 9:39 PM - 21 January, 2010
How do you get in contact with white labels?? want to get some of our releases on there!!
Kool DJ Sheak One 8:00 PM - 22 January, 2010
some nice tunes on your site Barkin!
dave 8:34 AM - 25 January, 2010
How do you get in contact with white labels?? want to get some of our releases on there!!

Email whitelabel@serato.com and we'll help you out.
SäSSion 3:13 PM - 2 February, 2010
hell yeah!!!
Dj Flash Productions 5:02 AM - 9 March, 2010
how can i put my own mixes on.
howyoudoin2 10:51 PM - 9 March, 2010
follow me on twitter...howyoudoin2
Bomb Squad Dj's 6:21 AM - 5 April, 2010
Can someone lead me in the right direction, I've been trying to get some Dj intro's/remixes of some, dance/hip-hop/top 40 beats. I've subscribed to these web sites claiming to have such artist versions without any luck. these white lables are great but selection is a bit limited. I don't work for a radio station so i dont have that inside connect.. If some one could help a ninja out that would be cooler then a polor bears toe nails.. e-mail address djbombsquad@live.com
thanks again...