Serato team - Best. Jacket. Ever.

Posted on 17 January, 2009
This is sick
This is sick


Serato team

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dave 12:32 AM - 18 January, 2009
Is that Dee Snider?

You know... this guy..
Brigid 1:03 AM - 18 January, 2009
I don't think so. Isn't Dee Snider taller?
ChrisD 8:30 AM - 18 January, 2009
That jacket is indeed a thing of great beauty.

But what about the hair? It look likes hair extensions on hair extensions. Why didn't I think of that.

He puts me and my wolf t-shirt to shame...
Brigid 9:05 AM - 18 January, 2009
Imagine if he had a wolf tshirt on the other side!
Psyphris 2:59 AM - 22 January, 2009
Imagine if he had a wolf tshirt on the other side!

That's just too much!

I always wanted to cop one of those shirts that's like 3 wolves howling at the moon with a deer and other stuff that sell for like 9 bucks at a gas station...
dave 4:18 AM - 23 January, 2009
Dude they're only 9 bucks. You can get them at gas stations.
Brigid 6:30 AM - 23 January, 2009
Can you send me one? They sound awesome.
Psyphris 9:29 AM - 23 January, 2009
Haha they look something like this: They sell them at almost all the gas stations in the midwest, so maybe I'll grab 2 when I'm there again. It would be worth it just for the comments...
ChrisD 1:46 AM - 27 January, 2009
Howling at the moon? Deer and "other stuff"? That's just tacky.

A wolf t-shirt should be simple yet powerful, much like wolves themselves.

My wolf t-shirt has a color image on the front and ghosted monochrome image on the back. You get a full-frontal hit of wolf awesomeness followed by a "don't think I don't see you" reminder of prowling meanace.

You can't get that kind of quality for $9 Dave.