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I Shall Call Him Frosty
I Shall Call Him Frosty

This dude turned up randomly from somewhere in the depths of America. Gave us the cold shoulder at first, but eventually we warmed up to him. Ahem. Yeah.

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Psyphris 5:12 AM - 5 January, 2009
Haha that's too funny, what does it say when you press his hand?
Brigid 2:39 AM - 6 January, 2009
He's kind of broken so he says "Hey, it's gettin' kinda cold-" and then bugs out
StephanieMc 3:54 PM - 13 January, 2018
Haha that is very funny indeed :)
DaMaster 10:33 PM - 27 May, 2018
Who's this guy? Dj Tiƫsto, lol :)
I would like to post this pic on my site:
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