Serato DJ 1.9.8 - Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 & DJM-S3 Support

Serato DJ 1.9.8 is here and it includes support for two new exciting products from Pioneer DJ.

The DDJ-SR2, an evolvement of one of the most popular controllers ever built and the DJM-S3, a compact, affordable 2-channel scratch mixer.

Note: Click on the images below to view in hi-res

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 

Introducing the sequel to the popular Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR. This 2-channel controller adds a myriad of improvements while still inheriting the familiar, simple layout of the past model.

Key Features

  • Serato DJ Enabled
  • Serato DVS Upgrade Ready 
  • Pitch 'N Time DJ bundled (license in the box)
  • Now with Key Sync, Key Shift and Pitch Play controls
  • 16 RGB Performance pads
  • Four Deck control
  • XLR, TRS and RCA outputs
  • 2 Phone/Line inputs
  • Run via external power supply or USB powered

Pioneer DJ DJM-S3

The DJM-S3 is a power piece without the expense. This mixer is a stripped back version of the famous DJM-S9, while still retaining the high-quality soundcard and Magvel crossfader. This is our most affordable Serato DJ and DVS Enabled mixer, ever. 

Key Features

  • Serato DJ and DVS Enabled
  • High-Quality soundcard
  • Magvel crossfader
  • Dedicated Filter knobs for each channel
  • XLR and RCA outputs
  • 2 Phono/Line Inputs
  • Separate Mic and Aux Input

Download Serato DJ 1.9.8

Comments (5)

kvnkrz 1:31 PM - 8 September, 2017
Denon prime gear please serato..
DJMIYAGI 4:27 PM - 9 September, 2017
Denon prime gear please serato..

I'm sure those will be next. 1.9.7 was for Numark products. 1.9.8 Pioneer products. Denon is probably next or support will be there with 2.0 for sure.
RLJUNGLE 8:24 PM - 9 September, 2017
Estou me sentindo lesado, comprei um mixer dmj250mk2 por causa do baixo custo e me aparece esse DJM-S3 com as mesma funções para o serato! Deveriam ter pelo menos a consciência de liberar o DJM-250MK2 para ser usado no serato!
john_SA 10:30 PM - 10 September, 2017
no communication for Denon Prime
kvnkrz 1:59 AM - 11 September, 2017
no communication for Denon Prime

Yes theres pictures of opmiller using them im the lab and a video