International Women's Day - A Shoutout To The Female DJs

In celebration of International Women's Day. We pay homage to some of our favorite female DJs getting busy behind the decks.

DJ Perly

DJ Perly has been one of the only few females to compete in The NYC DMC DJ battles. In 2016 she took out the NYC DMC battle becoming the first ever lady DJ to win a DMC US Regional DJ Battle. She then went on to become the 2016 Vice USA DMC Champion.

Check out Perly's segment at Turntable Lab


DJ Short-E/Emma Holmes has been scratching since 2000. After mastering the craft she now dedicates her time to running the online School of Scratch. School of Scratch students can make use of the high quality, step by step tutorial videos made my Short-E, connect with other students on the Discussion Forums and meet up for jams in the live Scratch Room.

Short-E's Scratch Combo of the Month hosted by DJ-City

DJ Killa-Jewel

DJ Killa-Jewel has been one of the most revered DJs in the scratch scene for well over a decade. Recently Killa-Jewel expanded her respect outside of the scratch community with an exceptional, fun party-rocking set at the Redbull Thre3Style Canadian finals.

DJ Killa-Jewel's Redbull Thre3style set of the Canadian finals

DJ Diamond Kuts

Part of Serato's own artist line up, DJ Diamond Kuts not only boasts an impressive DJ resume but has also produced tracks for Nicki Minaj, Sissy Nobby and Lumidee.

DJ Diamond Kuts DJ-808 performance and interview