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27 February, 2017

Serato DJ x Ableton Link Jam - Stro, Manwell and 14kt

Late last year, Serato reached out to 3 individuals to help film a quick video, showcasing a live use of LINK (the new wireless midi protocol connection created by Ableton) which is now available in Serato DJ. 

We wanted to highlight the three individuals on their chosen platforms, 2 on Serato DJ and 1 on Ableton Live. Stro, 14kt and Manwell, had all known of each others work and in some cases worked together before, so the chemistry was already there.

The 3 gentlemen, came to the Serato Studio the day before, we explained the rules, which were...

  • You all have to be Linked together via LINK
  • There has to be a Tempo Change at some point
  • You have to use your own music 

They had no problem in working a routine out together and were pretty impressed at the way you could link the 3 setups (Turntables, Controller, and Ableton) up to enable a defined shared tempo. Stro on Ableton Push 2, Manwell on the DJMs9 and turntables, 14kt on the Roland DJ808 controller.

Check out the finished product below.

After the performance, we asked the boys on their thoughts of LINK.

Stro - "This situation was the first time I've used it. Was a pretty simple setup. Straight to the point provided the network is capable."

14k - "This was my first time using it in this performance. It didn't take long to understand how it works. It was pretty simple and an extremely helpful feature."

Thanks to Ableton, and Rome for their support and shout out to Z-Trip who stopped by to check out what was going down.

Comments (4)

back n da mix 3:45 AM - 31 March, 2017
Nice performance
Philmixit 10:27 AM - 31 March, 2017
Very nice guys , Serato DJ is hottttttttt!!!!!!
danielle king 1:41 PM - 31 March, 2017
does anyone remember the bridge .That was the last time there was a link between serato and ableton.It didnt go so well.I do hope that this fares better.We shall see
Long Beach Most Wanted 2:31 PM - 31 March, 2017
Bring back the bridge, but BETTER.!!!!
I thought the idea of being able to record Your set and go back and edit it was the best thing.


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