UPDATE: 1.9.6 Looping & Performance Enhancements

Serato DJ 1.9.6 introduces new additions and improvements to the existing looping feature. Creating a reliable, user-friendly tool that every DJ can benefit from. New performance enhancing tools are also added in the release letting users disable setting Cues and save Favorite FX Banks.


Looping can be utilized by every type of DJ, from a practical use such as extending the intro/outro of a track to performance enhancing techniques such as energy building rolls. Serato DJ 1.9.6 improves on the existing looping feature, providing deeper Loop management and bug fixes, resulting in a more user-friendly and reliable tool for DJ’s.

Watch this video below on Chronological Loops + Reordering Loops.

Chronological Cues and Loops

When the "Sort Cues and Loops Chronologically" option is turned on, each track’s saved Loops and Cues will be displayed in the order they appear throughout the track, rather than the order they were created in. This heavily requested feature simplifies the workflow of saving and triggering Cues and Loops.

Reordering Loops

After creating your Loops you may wish to have them saved in a specific order. This addition to the looping feature will let you drag saved loops to the position of your choice.

Feature Improvements

We’ve fixed an issue where scratching will no longer cause the playhead to jump outside of an active Loop, providing a reliable feature for scratch DJ’s to use in creative performances. 


Enable/Disable Hot Cues

We’ve brought back the option from Scratch Live to enable and disable setting Hot Cues. Turning off this feature will stop the frustration of accidentally setting cues on unwanted spaces for those that thrash performance pads. You can toggle this setting in the DJ Preferences tab of the SETUP screen.

When Hot Cues are disabled, Cue Points can only be set by pressing control + numbers 1-0 on your computer's keyboard. Cue Points will not be set with the press of a single button/key on your hardware or keyboard.

Favorite FX Banks

You can now have two entirely different FX Banks saved, available to load whenever needed.

Each bank when saved will remember the FX loaded with each parameter that was set. This is useful when wanting to switch between two configurations. For example, you could have Bank A for Single FX and Bank B for Multi FX, or Bank A for subtle FX such as Reverb, Filter and Bank B for performance FX such as Pitch Looper, Tremolo.

Once you've got a Favorite FX Bank saved you go on to use other FX inside Serato DJ, then recalling your favorite is as easy as clicking back on the A or B bank button.

Serato DJ has a number of built-in FX, or you can purchase the whole Serato FX Expansion Pack for only USD 29 from the Serato Online Store or in-app within Serato DJ.

If you have any further questions or comments then add them below.


Comments (7)

Smartus 1:46 PM - 12 March, 2017
I was very excited about favorite FX and then very disillusioned when I tried it:

The only thing that is saved is which effects are assigned (and if it's a 1- or 3-slot-FX-setup).

Please have a look into saving the full FX settings (or at least the ones you control via buttons). For example, I use the tape delay a lot and always use it in "send level" "mix mode". But since the default is "wet mix" I find myself re-choosing "send level" a lot. I had hoped this would now be a thing of the past - but apparently, it isn't since that setting is not saved.
lindsaymar 7:36 PM - 15 March, 2017
Is there any chance of Serato separating the loop & cue options?
I want chronological cues but I don't want chronological loops (like how it was pre 1.9.6.)

The reason I need my loops non-chronologically ordered is I often put my outro loop as the 2nd on my list (if there's no other saved loops on the track.) That way I can see that the loop is near the end of the track at a quick glance at my list.
(I also have a code of putting a "V" on the 2nd loop in the list as a way of signifying that there's another loop below the 2nd loop which is not being shown, which seems like an unnecessary work around.)

What would be better, is showing where all the loops will be on the main wave form. At the moment, if you don't remember where you placed saved loops, you have to select them to see their whereabouts on the waveform (or read the time written with the loop, then find an approximation of that time on the waveform which is pretty useless.)
I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I just love loops but try to only use 2 per track (because that's all that's shown)
I just think showing all the loops on the waveform would make loops so much easier to work with IMHO.
vinmeisterb 3:51 AM - 31 March, 2017
Unable to use adjust BRAKING under DJ Preferences on a Pioneer DDJ SX. Ticket opened with support a few days ago with zero updates on the status.
Gosoden 12:50 AM - 1 April, 2017
When you select a new track the head phones would automatically switch to the new track that has since been removed..... Any chance of bringing that back?
vinmeisterb 2:55 AM - 2 April, 2017
Unable to use adjust BRAKING under DJ Preferences on a Pioneer DDJ SX. Ticket opened with support a few days ago with zero updates on the status.

A friend of mine help me figure out the issue. Disregard
Fatwires 10:38 AM - 2 April, 2017
how about some high quality fx to begin with??? (i guess vst hosting is asking too much.)

as for effects in general, nowadays it is easy to find free tools online or in your fav tech magazine that outdo all serato's built in FX in much higher quality and with greater flexibility. i rely on FX in my mixing and i'm really tired of the poor and boring quality of the available FX packs...
audiomontana 9:07 PM - 24 October, 2017
Unable to use adjust BRAKING under DJ Preferences on a Pioneer DDJ SX. Ticket opened with support a few days ago with zero updates on the status.

A friend of mine help me figure out the issue. Disregard

How was it resolved ? I am having the same problem.