LigOne Pitch Play Routine w/ Denon DJ MCX8000

Watch a new video from Denon DJ with LigOne, performing his Origami routine on the MCX8000 for Serato DJ. Check out his use of Pitch Play, a new feature for performing interesting tone-play routines which can be accessed directly on this controller.

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Comments (3)

Mezzy 9:55 PM - 29 August, 2016
Beautiful..definately enticing, however, isnt there a way i can do something of similar sort performance wise with my Pioneer DJM-S9, two 1200s and pitch n time?

I do have a SB-2 controller as well however the pads are def limited to the above MCX8000 ;-)
crisio 10:47 AM - 13 September, 2016
I recently played with the S9, it's a great machine, though I have to say I missed the 3 FX controls on either side... really got used to that using SX2, SR and SP-1...
Kess Andrew 11:16 PM - 20 September, 2016