DJCity: Cleaning Your Control Vinyl

If you're starting to lose tracking with your Serato Control Vinyl or you can see they are just getting pretty stanky, it's a good idea to give them a clean! It's actually really simple. Mojaxx from DJCity TV shows you how.

Watch more from the DJ City team here.

Comments (4)

Deejay Ojay 7:17 PM - 12 May, 2016
eric rosario 8:32 PM - 7 June, 2016
dj zokithefab 11:22 AM - 13 June, 2016
Thanks for that
djgrits7 9:20 PM - 11 May, 2017
man, i am having a hard time with my needles tracking after doing this... is anybody else having similar issues? tried cleaning off the needles to but no avail... before i did this, record was tracking just fine along with the needles...