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DJCity: Ichy the Killer & Bakon One

Watch a new B2B scratch routine from DJ City with Battle Ave's Ichy the Killer and Bakon One, using the Mixars DUO for Serato DJ.

DJCity Showcases

DJCity showcases "Portablism" with DJ Manwell and FlipFlop in their new video series "Off the Beat". Portable turntable / mini fader setups are becoming more and more popular, with DJs taking their skills outside of the booth. Check these guys out!

DJCity: Cleaning Your Control Vinyl

If you're starting to lose tracking with your Serato Control Vinyl or you can see they are just getting pretty stanky, it's a good idea to give them a clean! It's actually really simple. Mojaxx from DJCity TV shows you how.

DJCity Mixtape Mastering

Mojaxx from DJCity discusses the best way to master your mixtapes as part of their "Mixtape Masters" series around making the perfect mix. Learn how to use some free tools such as Audacity and simple techniques to make you stand out from the filler :)

Should DJs Stop Playing Soundcloud/Youtube Rips?

Mojaxx from DJCity recently vented (in a good way) about why DJs should stop playing low quality Soundcloud / Youtube rips. Check out his video opinion piece and decide for yourself.

DJCity Tips n Tricks: Adding Crowd Noise

The latest tips n tricks video from the team at DJ City. This time Mojaxx runs through how you can record ambient room noise into your live sets for a bit of atmosphere!