101 Apparel: Special 25% Off

As a special offer in association with our recent Serato Artist feature with LeFtO, 101 apparel have offered 25% off purchases on their online store with a one off discount code "serato".

This code gives 25% off all purchases at 101 Apparel.

Check out a special collaborative project between LeFtO and J Rocc - HIGH OUTPUT, a mixtape collaboration between two friends from different horizons but with a same vision. 

Comments (4)

ElahMentalWords 6:06 AM - 4 March, 2016
The designs and fashion are there for sure, but beyond $20 for a Tee is more ludacris than Christopher Bridges = /
deejdave 6:53 PM - 5 March, 2016
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 8:40 PM - 7 March, 2016
No deejaydave, it's the link to their store in the blog post above.
deejdave 11:28 PM - 7 March, 2016
Nah that was a response to $20 being too much for a T-Shirt. Just a friendly joke haha.