Creating Community: Social Networks for DJs

This week we’ll run through some of the most popular social networks and how they are relevant for DJs. Let us know how you're getting in touch with your fans in the comments below :)

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIN. The social media explosion is real… Which networks are important for DJs and where should you spend your time?

While all of these networks probably could have some relevance, it’s not always easy to stay on top of everything while maintaining a solid, quality presence. You also have to keep on top of your DJ skills, on top of technology, new music, manage your bookings and actually play gigs! In this article, we’ll take a look at a few different networks and how they can lend a hand in developing your fan base.

As we said in the last article, it’s probably always better to spend your time practicing to be a better DJ than lurking on the internet. If you’re still learning to DJ, you probably shouldn’t worry about this too quickly.

DJ(your name).com

Remember this from last week? Have a purpose other than building likes / follows”. Your own website is what helps bring everything together. If you're a professional DJ, this will be really important.

For full time DJs, using your social media reach and profile to build your website/email database is much more efficient for actually making things happen such as event info, bookings, ticket sales, RSVPs, track/mix downloads etc. Having your own website helps your visibility too - more on this another time...

If you're not at the level of needing a full website, a blog can perform the same function allowing you somewhere to host mixtapes, event info and pics / videos from events. Tumblr can be a good place to start.

Mixcloud / Soundcloud

These are probably the most specific social platforms for DJs and producers and you will want to be using these extensively. As obvious as it may be, mixes are still probably the best way to get heard. Mixes are also the best way to get feedback and learn if you’re starting out.

We recommend uploading mixes to Mixcloud as they have various agreements with royalty collection agencies. You don't want your promo mix for the next "4LLNXGHTLXNG" party taken down a day after upload. There’s also great Serato DJ integration with Playlists.

Soundcloud is also great, and definitely leads the pack in terms of total active users. If you make your own music, get it up here!

Use the embedding tools to get players on your website/blog and don’t forget to promote your mixes. While you’ll get a large proportion of your listens on Mixcloud/Soundcloud directly, make sure to post about them, send emails out, be friendly with blogs and other DJs, promoters, venues who might help push these for you. You’ll really get out what you put in here.

Also, make sure it’s a good mix! Don't get lazy on quality as your mixes are what you are judged on. They are valuable and people should be excited about them.

It's nice to spend a little bit of extra effort to choose a nice image for the mix, design something yourself or get a friend to help if you need - an entire blog full of mixes with just your DJ logo can start to look quite spammy after a while.


Facebook is the most popular social network in the world by a LONG way. With 1.44 billion users, almost 1 in 5 people on earth have a Facebook profile. If you’re wondering where people spend most of their time, it’s on Facebook. As a DJ, the majority of people in the club on Saturday night will be hanging out here the next day... With a huge reach across both desktop and mobile users, it’s the one platform you’re most likely going to connect with fans.

Facebook operates a “news feed” system for post visibility. This means that not everything you post will be seen by everyone that follows you. This is especially the case with brand and artist pages, as priority is given to friends and family content in the news feed. The days of building a big fanbase and pushing event flyers are over. In fact, you'll find that posting promo content like event flyers and anything remotely "sales-y" will have a negative effect on your visibility in the News Feed.

You have to have great content that people want to see, engage with and share. As a general rule, 50/50 split between self promo and cool interesting content is healthy. People want to be entertained more than they want to be sold something so maintaining this balance is key. If you do want to push events and sell tickets, don't be afraid of Facebook advertising and sponsored posts - it's well worth it for the added reach you will get.

Another interesting facet to the News Feed algorithm is that it will tend to show people the type of content they usually engage with. Some people click links, some people like photos and some prefer videos - everyone is different. Experiment with different content formats to see what works and reach more of your fans. 

Facebook has recently pivoted sharply towards video. If you’re making videos, it’s time to start uploading these directly to your Facebook page rather than link to Youtube. You’ll notice the difference in reach and views.


Twitter is a great networking tool and is very popular amongst DJs. It’s a great platform for establishing yourself as an opinion leader - just be careful to not pick too many fights or you might end up on the wrong end of a Drake/Meek.

You can also post a lot more on Twitter without it looking spammy.

Instagram / Snapchat

Instagram is MAD popular. So is Snapchat. Don’t overthink it though. Don’t go overboard either - quality over quantity. Just have fun.

Take selfies with your cats if nothing else.


Don't forget though that none of this is real life. Make sure you go out to the club, support your homies and be a part of it - that's what it's all about.

Sam Stokes, Head of Social Media & Community