Now Supported: Pioneer DDJ-SB2

An update to the highly popular DDJ-SB, the DDJ-SB2 is supported in Serato DJ Intro 1.2.6 and Serato DJ 1.7.7, both available now. Read up on what's changed and what's new.

New Features / Additions

  • 4 Deck control with the DDJ-SB2 in Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ. A layer button on the left and right side switches control from 1 / 2 and 3 / 4.
  • All new Pad Trans performance pad mode. Trigger a transform effect by holding the pad down - each pad will trigger this at a different beat division.
  • Each channel now has a dedicated channel gain control, giving you more accuracy with your track levels while in the mix.
  • Monitor your levels accurately with channel metering. Make sure everything sits right in the mix.

Alongside standard DDJ-SB features:

  • USB powered. No need to find an extra power outlet.
  • Filter Fade - which helps create seamless mixes by adding a high pass filter to the crossfader, enabling smoother transitions with just one control.
  • Combo HP/LP filter for each channel.
  • Hot Cue, Auto Loop, Manual Loop and Sampler modes
  • Dedicated Serato software FX Control
  • Single Mic Input (1/4” jack).
  • Master RCA output.
  • Both 1/4” and 1/8” mini jack headphone outs.
  • USB 2.0 port for straightforward, plug-and-play connection with Serato DJ Intro
  • High resolution, touch sensitive jog wheels.

The Pioneer DDJ-SB2 is a Serato DJ Upgrade Ready device. It's supported out of the box in Serato DJ Intro 1.2.6 for FREE and Serato DJ 1.7.7 with a purchased Serato DJ license.

Comments (46)

Ronald floyd 2:06 AM - 6 October, 2015
Hello I am buying the ddj2 the deck looks awesome I have one question what are the effects in serato intro.
CGavin33 2:42 AM - 7 January, 2016
Having problem with DDJ-SB2 connecting…mac saying failed connection… powering up ok and cable connections are correct…ideas?
leecher88 5:02 PM - 3 February, 2016
i have the same problem :( i bought it today

Please someone of Serato respond !!!
leecher88 9:59 PM - 3 February, 2016
OK update i downloaded the driver from pioneer "ddj sb2 driver" then it midi works but there is no audio signal with serato DJ !!!!

With Serato DJ Intro it works, but i want it to work with Serato DJ (i also purchased the pro version )
sensimillia 11:40 PM - 14 March, 2016
Hey just bought and macbook is failing to recognize the sb2 where did you download the drivers from?
sensimillia 11:40 PM - 14 March, 2016
Having problem with DDJ-SB2 connecting…mac saying failed connection… powering up ok and cable connections are correct…ideas?

have you fixed?
bdouille 12:22 PM - 15 April, 2016
j ai une pioneer ddj sb2 avec pilote driver et logiciel officiel et je n arrive pas a connecter le controleur j ai essayer de changez de port et de cable usb rien y fait sa une semaine que je galére je suis sous win 7 edition familial 64 bit avec un i7 et 8 giga de ram merci de me repondre cordialement
bdouille 2:25 PM - 15 April, 2016
de mon coter tous fonctionne aussi avec dj intro mais sa fonctionne pas avec serato dj ????????????????????????????? qui est pourtant officiel a 90 euro la liscense serieusement que faire
bdouille 9:53 PM - 19 April, 2016
j ai trouver une soluce pour mon cas j ai mis a jour mes driver usb avec des driver usb 3.0 et sa a marcher pour moi au cas ou
Boogie512 4:06 AM - 28 April, 2016
I am having the same issue. I have a Mac and serato recognizes it, but the decks aren't appearing.
djgraydon 9:00 PM - 11 June, 2016
Having the same issue.
justwannamix 6:35 PM - 28 June, 2016
I got same problem, last night thought I sorted it by changing USB port. tried tonight and back to same issue but also now has a load buzzing sound like it has a ground problem or something. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
kyler4Short 10:41 PM - 3 July, 2016
Hey Serato Team,

Having the same issue as the others...I have Serato 1.9.1 already and it's not recognizing the decks. Please, please help I want to play with this thing! Thank you
nathan0717 10:18 PM - 21 July, 2016
I keep having my whole controller freeze especially after loading a track onto the right side. I can find no help at all.
kyler4Short 10:20 PM - 21 July, 2016
Hey Nathan,

I emailed Serato directly and they got back to me within a day with very helpful information. I think that's a much better route than posting here. Hope that helps.
UKBENJI 9:59 AM - 21 September, 2016
Has anyone got the answer to this issue yet I am having the same problem with no response from serato?
kyler4Short 3:19 PM - 21 September, 2016
Depends what OS you're running but it might be this:

He had me try a whole bunch of things before that to no avail but this is the one that finally worked. If it doesn't, message me and I'll send you the whole thread so you can see all of the other options.

And like I said in that earlier post, Support is really on top of it if you reach out.
UKBENJI 6:02 PM - 21 September, 2016
I have emailed serato twice now with no response. Thankyou for your reply, I am using a windows 7 user but if you could send me the whole thread that would be great.

DJ Lynkaz 6:15 PM - 26 January, 2017
I am having issues with my ddj-sb2. When I upgrade to serato dj 1.9.5 the wheels are not displaying. Can you help me
JohnnyGoboy 8:59 AM - 1 February, 2017
I'm having the same problem with 1.9.5. I wish Serato would sort it out. It's really frustrating.
Delfino Da Rocha 9:08 AM - 18 February, 2017
I there, could you guys from serato help me please i buy a controller Pioneer DDJ SB2, also already I have the DJ Serato programme but when I connect it doesn't work, can you guys sort out this issue I am having
DJChefNYC 2:01 PM - 9 March, 2017
Good Day DJs there is a few steps you must go through... 1. Obtain Driver from pioneer, here is the link... 2. Connect all cables, external HDD, ADJUST TRIM KNOBS, and MASTER Knobs Halfway. 3. Then Open Serato DJ. I hope this helps... you should see and hear sound after loading a track. I was looking for help on recording the MIC input Serato DJ will not record the MIC input on my setup. Is anyone else having this issue?
DJ Svilen 3:44 PM - 12 March, 2017
And I have the same problem as colleagues above ... Use controller Pioneer DDJ SB2 and Serato 1.9.0, all versions after 1.9.0 do not want to be unlocked when you insert my usb cable from the console to the laptop. Please if anyone knows how to solve this problem writing because I want to do an update to a new version of Serato. Thanks
DJ StewCrew 12:13 AM - 17 March, 2017
I've connected the DDJ-SB2 to PC, but when I open the program is not syncing...I have Serato DJ Intro and I have no problem. Any help would be fine. When I try to click on the m midi button on the program, it's not highlighted...
Sev 6:10 PM - 4 April, 2017
I had the serato ddj-sb2for the pass three months. Everything was working fine until last then it starting asking to purchase a license. Now I can't use it. Wtf. Why didn't they tell me that when I brought it?😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
DJ StewCrew 9:38 PM - 4 April, 2017
I just did a screen share with one of the techs from Serato, I have both the DDJ-SB2 and Vestax VCI 300, and could only get them to work with the Serato intro... But the DDJ-SB2 wouldn't work right, so after the tech helped me, they both work with Serato DJ... Plus the Serato DJ is only $49.50, half off, so I'm going to purchase it and see what happens... Serato has always been a good program and if they want to keep in good standings, I think the techs should lend a hand.. They could be very busy, but Everytime I email them, they respond.. Good luck guys..
jus.andrade 7:57 PM - 17 May, 2017
hey guys, i have the same problem. how did you fix that? please, help me!
jus.andrade 7:58 PM - 17 May, 2017
did work out?
DJ StewCrew 9:12 PM - 17 May, 2017
Yes, they both work
Get with Serato and have them contact you.. They'll get it working
jus.andrade 9:22 PM - 17 May, 2017
how did you contact him? by phone?
Milos Cejovic 7:04 PM - 25 May, 2017
I bought DDJ SB2 before like 20 days, and I download Serato DJ. Everything was fine. When trial expired, of course I cannot use it. So I buy Serato DJ and everything is fine.
If you use Serato DJ Intro, then its another thing. Its no good at all.
DJ StewCrew 5:09 AM - 5 August, 2017
Yes and By email, they did a screen share and all is working, now I just got another laptop and want to share the program on new one
kumaran 12:03 PM - 12 January, 2018
Hi I want to check , I have a serato Ddj sb2 and can I use serato Dj with my deck ? I have tried before but now can’t after the trial.
DJ StewCrew 12:26 PM - 12 January, 2018
I have both DDJ SB2 & Vestax VCI 300, I called serato and they did a screen share and got both of my controllers working with serato. Just leave a message to get help.
DJ StewCrew 12:28 PM - 12 January, 2018
Plus I believe after trial,they want you to purchase. Was like $49, but let me get back I think my buddy has it but paid nothing for the version he uses
kumaran 1:00 PM - 12 January, 2018
So Serato Dj is not free for Ddj sb2 ?
DJ StewCrew 2:44 PM - 12 January, 2018
The trial. Then after the trial was over, mine wouldn't work. But let me hit up my partna and I'll get back to you today
DJ StewCrew 10:10 PM - 12 January, 2018
Yeah, my buddy said he had to pay for it, its on sale now for $49, and you can put I two laptops...not sure how long, but it's costs close to $100
kumaran 11:21 PM - 12 January, 2018
Thanks for the quick check buddy ,appreciate it
DJ StewCrew 11:23 PM - 12 January, 2018
No problem.. It's worth it. DDJ SB2 is s good controller
mfs3116 12:20 AM - 16 January, 2018
Having a problem with the DDJ-SB2 connecting to Serato Dj. I have a DDJ-SZ that I use primarily I just wanted this little board for more portability. any one have any ideas why this wont connect? It recognizes at the bottom says could take up to a minute but nothing happens.
DJ StewCrew 12:42 AM - 16 January, 2018
I called a tech from serato and he did a screen-share and got both my Vestax VCI 300 & DDJ SB2 working on the same if I need them both I have no worries...Serato techs are awesome them...
kumaran 4:54 AM - 18 January, 2018
Hi mate , need help I’m using Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.6 , using Ddj sz2. Which driver I need to install now ? Driver for Mac El Capitan or mac Yosemite ?
DJ StewCrew 4:57 AM - 18 January, 2018
I'm not for sure bro. I had serato tech hook up my controllers...they're awesome
DJ Niet 5:47 AM - 8 February, 2018
on windows 10. got my controller DDJSB2 yesterday and its my first foray into DJing. if i have it plugged in before i start serato DJ intro it detects for a split second then says hardware disconnected. if i plug the controller in after serato is opened it crashes the whole program. ive done ever possible software firmware and driver update i can find. twice. yet i still get nothing im almost to the point of returning the product and cutting my losses can someone help?
DJ StewCrew 11:20 AM - 8 February, 2018
Used to happen to me, do you have the correct drivers installed on your pc. Because that's what my problem was. Then when I turn on pc then I plug controller, then turn on program so it reads both....but the drivers are what it's trying to read, without those it's not going to work..good luck!