Pro Tip: Epic Reverb!

After Filters, Echos & Delays and maybe Flangers, Reverb is one of the most popular FX for DJs. It's got the power to either wash out your track into thin air, make you feel like you're in the Grand Canyon and make things extremely ICEY.

At the heart of the effect, reverb is essentially an echo where the reflections are so close together they are perceived as a single sound. When used as a post-fader effect, it'll leave a noticeable "tail" to your sound if you stop the track or pull down the fader.

While there are a few different reverb types available in Serato DJ, we'll take a look at "Epic Reverb" an effect available in our free Wolf Pack, FX Expansion Pack. This can be activated in-app in Serato DJ through the My Serato online window.

Read here for detailed instructions on activating the Wolf Pack in Serato DJ.

Here's how you can use Epic Reverb to wash out your track so much that it becomes an almost ambient breakdown / intro section. Once you mix into this, you can then gradually bring the depth down and move into your track. It's great to change up the energy in your set. This works best when mixing either techno / house tracks with basic beats and minimal vocals. 

1. Enable Epic Reverb on the track you're mixing into.

2. Bring this up to full depth.

3. Start mixing this track in (it's going to be quite loud so watch your levels).

4. Quickly use the HPF on the track you're mixing out of to get out of this track and pull the fader down.

5. Now you will have a crazy reverby ambient intro, slowly pull out the reverb on the track and hear the beat come back!


Five Foot Short - The Little Things
Ditto - Lately (Five Foot Short Remix)

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