Serato DJ, 5 Reasons To Upgrade

We often talk to DJs wondering if it’s worthwhile upgrading to Serato DJ. Here’s 5 reasons we think it’s a great idea if you’re looking to take the next step...

1. Powerful iZotope DJ FX

One of the major improvements in Serato DJ is the advanced FX, developed in partnership with world class FX developers, iZotope™. There are a base pack of 10 FX that come standard in Serato DJ and the option to activate free and paid FX Expansion packs within the software itself for even more variety in your toolkit.

Listen to examples of the great Serato DJ FX below:

2. Serato DJ Club Kit Support

With a Serato DJ license, you can connect directly to the club standard Pioneer DJM-900NXS, DJM-850 as well as the Allen and Heath Xone:DB2, DB4 & 43C if using CDJs in HID mode. If you’re wanting to use turntables, you just need to purchase the DVS add-on and you’re good to go!

If you play regularly in clubs with this hardware installed, it's a great reason to upgrade to Serato DJ with the Serato DJ Club Kit bundle.

3. Previously Secret Features.

Features such as Sticker Lock, AM Mode & EQ Coloured Waveforms were hidden in our legacy product, Scratch Live. These have now been developed as real features in Serato DJ, and are very useful for all working DJs.

Sticker Lock is a great feature for turntablists. It allows you to align a sticker on your Serato Control Vinyl to a cue point or the start of your track and know exactly where that cue or the start will be without having to look at the waveform!

AM Mode allows you to hide the track details in the virtual deck from potential sniping playlist poachers.

The EQ Colored waveform option changes the waveform colors in Serato DJ to reflect your EQ changes. For example, taking out the bass will remove all the red from the waveform, taking out the high end will remove all the blue and taking the midrange out will remove all the green.

4. Serato Video

If you’re looking to expand your setup further and start adding visuals, Serato DJ supports Serato Video, an add-on that allows you to mix video seamlessly in sync with your music. It’s the simplest way to be your own VJ and you can provide the visual element for the evening without even thinking about it.

Either develop your own video sets with custom content or have a media crate full of assorted visuals. You can be as simple or as complex as you want and it’s a really powerful tool to give you more impact.

In the latest version of Serato DJ we now also support Karaoke!

5. Free Trial

The last reason to update to Serato DJ is that it's free to try out! For Serato DJ Intro users wanting to give it a go, there's a free 14 day trial that is fully featured.

For current Serato DJ users with supported plug-and-play hardware, Serato DJ 1.7.5 is a free update.

Comments (10)

Dj_CokeToledo 1:37 AM - 23 June, 2015
El mejor interfaz para dj's del mundo.
Dj Ed (jfsr) 9:37 AM - 23 June, 2015
Support for FLAC files in the full Serato DJ was a big plus for me.
Stravs84 9:54 AM - 23 June, 2015
Wait so existing Serato DJ customers get that free FX kit too right?
Zoben 5:22 PM - 23 June, 2015
Agree with Stravs84 !
Quel geste commercial faites vous pour les anciens, les vieux, ceux qui vous suivent depuis des années ?
Allez, un petit code pour télécharger ce pack et promis je passe de scratch live à SDJ !
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 2:22 AM - 24 June, 2015
Wait so existing Serato DJ customers get that free FX kit too right?

No it's just a special offer if you upgrade this week.
Fortyc 12:37 PM - 24 June, 2015
Maybe it can be a small number of Serato DJ update one of the reasons that we're missing the MIDI Clock function !!! I miss !!! I think it would be a greater inspiration than the effect for free !!! More and more often to use the tractor, because that is !!!
DjErikPro 2:16 PM - 24 June, 2015
The Best Software. El Mejor Software. Thanks SERATO !!
Dj Frostwolf 5:04 AM - 28 June, 2015
And one point for me to use it not: No CDJ-350 Support. I whant to switch from SSL to SDJ, now i have installt both and just wait
dj mc juneski 10:37 PM - 16 July, 2015
Need to know how i can get Scratch DJ how much does it cast and the direct site so i can get it please...thanks..
dj mc juneski 10:38 PM - 16 July, 2015
Over all its fantastic...Very Useful...