Red Bull Masterclass: DJ Edits, Pre-Prepared and Live

We recently held a series of short Masterclass segments in association with Red Bull Studios Auckland. You can expect a new topic each week as we roll out these short educational gems. This week Sam and Mak are talking DJ Edits, and we'll look at some new tools in Serato DJ you can use for this purpose.

DJ Edits set you apart. They let you personalise your music, play it in the way you want to and take control, rather than letting your music control how you mix. In this session, we’ll walk through "Serato Flip" and "Beatjump," two new features in Serato DJ that let you take control of how you play. 

Serato Flip is an Expansion Pack for Serato DJ that lets you use cue points and the censor function to create custom edits of your tracks, extend and re-imagine your music. This is a great pre-preparation tool for DJs wanting to edit their music so it works better for them in the club, radio or at home.

Beat Jump is a new feature free for all Serato DJ users that lets you jump forwards and backwards through your tracks by predetermined amounts perfectly in time. A great tool for live use, and perfect for getting out of trouble if mixing out of phrase, extending parts of your track or skipping to the good stuff!

You can purchase Serato Flip in Serato DJ itself or on the Serato Online Store for USD $29.

Buy Serato Flip

Beat Jump is available in the latest Serato DJ update.

Download Serato DJ 1.7.5