Day 1: Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals

Arrived in Baku, Azerbaijan last night and with the help of the lovely (and very helpful) Red Bull girls, checked in at the Ramada hotel. First stop was the Rehearsal room with some of the competitors from last year, Bazooka, Madfingaz and a few others. Ringing true to the "DJ camp" tag this week has seemed to have received from all involved, we opened the door to find D-Styles, Shortkut and Qbert jamming out! It was a fantastic opportunity to see these guys all together. Their impact on turntabalism as the Skratch Piklz AND Beat Junkies is unparalleled... A thrilling and inspiring moment to witness and the perfect intro to the week.

After catching 40 winks, we started our first day in Baku. I was able to see the expansive and mysterious Caspian Sea right at our doorstep. Quite a view to say the least.

We spent the day getting oriented with the schedule for the week and got to meet the competitors and Red Bull team members who would be guiding us in this new city we all found ourselves in. We're extremely lucky to have DJ Twist (hometown hero and Azerbaijan’s 3style champ) here to help us out with great advice for pretty much anything. There aren't many English speakers here in Baku, so having local knowledge is a huge asset.

After everyone trickled in throughout the day, we were off to a pre-draft dinner. We got to try some delicious traditional food, before  beginning the draft for set time and night for the coming 4 days of competition.

First pick went to Canada’s C-Sik who promptly chose Wednesday for his night. Perhaps a strategic pick, not too early, not too late, which will give him a good idea of the competitors sets and what will work. 

Hosted by Skratch Bastid and Jazzy Jeff drawing the rest of the names from a hat, the draft played out and everyone got their spot. The 19 competitors were lined up and that was that.

Not to let the night end without a party, Flipout set the night off with a set of 45’s rocking classic breakbeats and hip hop, he set the tone for the rest of the judges and special guests playing their favourite tunes.

Tomorrow begins the first night of competition and you can feel the nervous excitement from the competitors in the air as strong as the wind blowing here in Baku.

Speak Soon,

Matty P.