Pitch 'n Time 3.0 now available!

Pitch ‘n Time Pro 3.0 for Avid Pro Tools and Pitch ‘n Time LE 3.0 for Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro are now available and are the latest updates for our professional time stretching and pitch shifting plug-ins. Support is added for Avid Pro Tools 10 / 11 users as well as Apple Logic Pro X for Pitch 'n Time LE, alongside an updated user interface and some minor feature additions.

This is a paid upgrade. Current Pitch 'n Time Pro users can upgrade for USD $99 and Pitch 'n Time LE can be upgraded for USD $49. You can find the steps to upgrade your license in the guide below.

For one month, Pitch 'n Time Pro is being offered for new users at the introductory price of USD $479 and Pitch 'n Time LE is being offered for USD $239. You can find both for purchase on the Serato Online Store.

Check out what this update offers and a guide on how to upgrade. If you have any questions, don't be scared to ask :)

Pitch ‘n Time Pro 3.0 for Avid Pro Tools

Pitch ‘n Time LE 3.0 for Avid Pro Tools & Apple Logic Pro

Upgrading your Pitch 'n Time license

Your existing Pitch 'n Time serial numbers will not work with the latest version of Pitch 'n Time. You will need to upgrade your existing license though the products page of your user profile.

Follow these steps to upgrade your license:

• Sign in to Serato.com (be sure to use the account that is linked to your iLok account).
• Visit your Serato user account products page
• Click the "Show Serial Numbers and Licenses" button at the top of the product list.
• Click the "Upgrade to Pitch 'n Time X.X" button next to your existing Pitch 'n Time serial number and confirm you want to do this.
• You will now be directed to the Serato store with the upgrade already added to your shopping cart.
• Fill out the required customer billing details.
• After your transaction is approved, you will receive an email confirming the transaction shortly followed by another email containing your upgraded Pitch 'n Time license.


• Return to your products page.
• Your new Pitch 'n Time license should appear highlighted for you. You will no longer have access to your old Pitch 'n Time serial number on Serato.com (although it will still be available on your iLok account).
• Authenticate this license with iLok as necessary.

If you have any issues during this process, please contact support@serato.com