News From Our Nerds: BPM Widget

The development area has been steamy recently as the team has been hard at work! One of our developers Tom, has taken some of his own time out to build this little freebie over the weekend. A small desktop widget for Mac OS X that you can use to tap along to a song to find it’s BPM. Solve that 140 BPM/70 BPM debate once and for all. How fast can you make it go?

PS, don’t break your trackpad :)

This isn't an official Serato Software release. It's basically something one of our developers threw together in his free time and it's not related to any of our other products.

We thought it was cool and could come in handy so here it is. (You will need to be logged in to to be able to download it)

Just run the installer and then access the Dashboard to find it.

Comments (19)

djrborda 12:07 AM - 1 June, 2013
Percivale 4:59 AM - 1 June, 2013
No love for Android?
DaveDJM 7:55 AM - 1 June, 2013
No love for Android?

Here's one I use:
Muzik Hunter 10:14 PM - 1 June, 2013
Windows version pleeeeaaaase!
chndler ac 12:06 AM - 2 June, 2013
well I glad some that works for you has brains
now get him to fix windows 8 and d j
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 10:12 PM - 3 June, 2013
You're right, the rest are zombies :)

What issue are you having specifically with Serato DJ and Windows 8?
chndler ac 10:21 PM - 3 June, 2013
Hi Sammual s well where do I start chat to aaron ...... or look here windos 8 and keep stoping by chndler ac
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 1:47 AM - 4 June, 2013
I'm not too sure what you mean? Do you have a help request on the forum? If so, can you link me?

chndler ac 11:44 AM - 4 June, 2013
Hi there Sam

yes got Aaron on it well was..... go here and look get a coffee then read on as I did say got this going but still got issues with over £1800 pounds worth of kit and not used on road yet as unstable witch is a piXXXX as 6 month time manufacture grantee runs out

so got shine new kit witch is as good as a door stop is over to u
n8Clancy 4:47 PM - 4 June, 2013
if you have a clock on your PC you have a BPM counter
chndler ac 4:56 PM - 4 June, 2013
not the b p m I upset about its the fact wont work with windows 8 that's hacking me off
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 9:20 PM - 4 June, 2013
I see Aaron is helping you out on that thread, he should hopefully be able to work through your issues.

Have you updated your drivers from the Numark website?
chndler ac 9:26 PM - 4 June, 2013
hi yes I did but not help that much it a sham you not willing to help too as 2 heads are better then 1 so 3 would well fix sooner
Digiziner 4:06 PM - 10 June, 2013
Dev.Tom THANK YOU!!!
Ive been going to a website for an On-The-Fly bpm counter. Now I dont need a wifi connection to get the job done. This is just another reason why I ONLY use Serato products.
FYI: Pleeeeeese make a 12" motorized platter controller. PLEASE!!!
Muzik Hunter 9:40 PM - 10 June, 2013
+1 for the 12'' controller. I'm not a fan of controllers, but that i would use.
Youngtee 8:27 PM - 18 June, 2013
Wicked easy to use fanx
Zenon Marko 7:00 AM - 12 March, 2014
Well done! Always a useful tool.
WhiskeyDevil 5:10 AM - 30 July, 2015
Where is the download button? Am I blind?
merahhj 6:21 PM - 15 April, 2017
yea I can't find a way to download it ether so I must be blind to someone help me get this dam widget... where is the installer you speak of???????????