VCI-380 Features With Serato DJ

The VCI-380 just got a whole lot more powerful with Serato DJ!

It's been in the works for a while, but your day has finally come and you can now upgrade to Serato DJ with a free download from

It's plug and play, so just download the latest update, connect your controller and get started!

But before you dive in head first, we thought we'd share a few cool new things your controller can do with Serato DJ.


Serato DJ 1.2 now has two FX modes - Single FX mode and Multi FX mode, powered by isotope. Choose Single FX mode to get in-depth and tweak every FX parameter, or choose the all new Multi FX mode to use a simple, easy and powerful combination of chained effects. Select which FX mode you would like to use in the Serato DJ FX tab.   

When in Single FX Mode you can select an effect and control all 3 parameters from your hardware. Selecting an effect and adjusting the depth is the same as it was in ITCH, however you can also use the PAD FX knob to adjust the additional parameters of the effect. This gives you complete control of the selected effect from your VCI-380.

When in Multi FX mode the VCI-380 works similar to ITCH, the two channel FX and the two PAD FX units can all control one effect each. This allows you to use up to 4 iZotope FX from your hardware controls at once.


It's here people! Using the VCI-380 with Serato DJ you can now set, adjust and trigger your own manual loops on the fly. To get in to manual loop mode, simply press the ROLL MODE button twice. 


Slip Mode is now available for your VCI-380 with Serato DJ! This new feature can be switched on/off by hitting SHIFT + VINYL on your controller. When Slip mode is activated the VINYL button will flash. Slip mode allows you to scratch, trigger cues, loops and manipulate the audio while the track continues on in the background. Once you've finished performing scratches, cues or loops the track will go back to the position the playhead would have been at if you hadn't entered slip mode. Get crazy and test it for yourself!


You can now open and close the Record, Sampler and FX panels from your hardware by simply pressing the SHIFT + VIEW button on your VCI-380. This is great for DJs who want to quickly open up their FX or Sampler tab without having to touch their computer.

This is just a quick overview of the new features the VCI-380 has with Serato DJ. For more information on what it can do, check out the VCI-380 Quickstart Guide on at