ITCH Release Notes

26 August, 2011


  • SP-6 Sample Player
  • Brand Spanking New Look and Feel
  • Performance Modes (Library View, Vertical Waveforms and Stack Mode)
  • Day & Night Mode
  • Album Art Views
  • Smart Crates
  • File Migration
  • Serato Playlists
  • New & Improved Serato Smart Sync

Other Changes / Smaller Features:

  • Beatgrid Lock
  • View buttons for (Xone:DX, NS6 and Twitch) now cycle through the performance modes.
  • 4-deck Instant Doubles.
  • Hot Cue Fader Start (When fader start is enabled and a cue point is set or triggered, the temp cue is set to that cue point's position).
  • Slider added for font size.
  • Shared Preferences.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Vestax VCI-300 MK1 firmware corruption issue
  • Fixed Crossfader Reverse Keyboard shortcut (ctrl-shift-r).
  • Changes made to minimize distortion in recordings when playing at loud levels.
  • Corrected Continuous Mode behavior so that when you move past the beginning of a song while in this mode, the previous song doesn’t load.
  • Fixed Play button to flash at half the speed of the Cue button for all controllers supported with 1.7.
  • You can no longer drag a deck onto itself to reload or instant double the song.
  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes experienced by some users including when: relocating lost files, loading songs and exiting ITCH.
  • Fixed bug where the scroll bar arrows would be slow to react when ITCH is reading large libraries.
  • Fixed "[" and "'" keys for looping.
  • Fixed Windows crashes on start up when a database/crate contained a file with a file path greater than 259 characters.
  • Fix for sleeping, disconnecting controller and then waking up Macbook incorrectly whilst staying in connected mode.

Numark Controller Specific:

  • Decreased probability of spontaneous firmware updates with the NS7/V7.
  • Fixed shift shortcuts to jump to a specific loop slot.
  • Fixed Loop Select shift function to reloop as it did in ITCH version 1.5 and to turn off the shift/delete button.
  • Stopped selected track from being added to the Prepare crate when hot-plugging or starting up with the controller connected.

NS6 Specific:

  • Fixed bug where switching between Platter modes (Scratch and Jog) while using Skip could give unexpected results.
  • New NS6 Firmware Version 1.18 with improved performance

V7 Specific:

  • Fixed limiter triggering on the V7 when playing full scale tracks with 0db headroom

Xone:DX Specific:

  • Fixed issue where Shift button goes into the wrong state if holding it down while switching layer.
  • Beat Grid Enable option is able to be enabled/disabled instead of always being on.

DDJ-S1 Specific:

  • Fixed bug where the Vinyl Speed Adjust knob would instantly be applied to braking, but not acceleration.
  • Fixed bug where Slip mode would not deactivate when moving to hardware disconnected mode.
  • Fixed problem with Slip mode where ghost playhead could sometimes be using the wrong velocity while scratching.

FX Specific:

  • Reduced pops created when switching effects and turning them on and off.

Known Issues:

  • A crash may occur when hotplugging between ITCH Controllers.

Version: ITCH 2.0.1
Size: 22.62 MB
Platform: Win