ITCH 2.0.1

ITCH 2.0 Day Mode

What's new in ITCH 2.0?

Features in ITCH 2.0 and above

  • A fresh new look, with changeable Night & Day modes.
  • New SP-6 Sample Player including Sample Sync.
  • Multiple display modes to suit different styles of DJing - vertical, horizontal, stack and library views.
  • Re-optimised Serato SmartSync engine for precise grids and locked grooves.
  • Improved Library Management so you can easily copy crates & tracks to external drives for gigs.
  • Smart Crates which auto-fill using keywords from your music library.
  • Serato Playlists to share your tracklists either as you play, or online afterwards.
  • Album Art Views for enhanced browsing.
  • Improved Instant Doubles functionality, including support for 4 decks.
  • ITCH 2.0.1 fixes the firmware updating issue affecting the Vestax VCI-300 MKI

Hardware and OS Support

Support for current ITCH hardware

ITCH Controllers with internal audio mixing
Allen & Heath Xone:DX
Novation TWITCH
Numark NS7
Numark NS6
Pioneer DDJ-S1
Vestax VCI-300

ITCH Components for outboard audio mixing
Denon DJ DN-HC5000
Numark V7

ITCH DJ FX Controllers
Numark NSFX
Vestax VFX-1

Support for all current OS

Mac OS X 10.6 / 10.5 / 10.4.11
Windows 7 / Vista / XP 32-bit 
Windows 7 / Vista 64-bit

Release Notes

Read the full Release Notes for ITCH 2.0.1.

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Version: ITCH 2.0.1
Platform: Win