ITCH 1.1

ITCH 1.1 screenshot

What's new in ITCH 1.1?

The latest ITCH software is version 1.1, this update is recommended for all users running earlier versions.

New features and improvements in 1.1 for all controllers:

  • Support for Whitelabel audio files
  • History
  • Loop Roll
  • Scaling Waveforms
  • Customized/Global Crate Views
  • Dead Space Elimination
  • Key tag Support
  • Platter Speed Options
  • Recording Options
  • CPU Meter
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Vestax VCI-300 improvements:

  • Column Sort options

Numark NS7 improvements:

  • Instant Start option
  • Faster Scrolling

Minimum System Requirements

Read the minimum system requirements for:

Release Notes

Read the full Release Notes for ITCH 1.1.0.

Download ITCH

Version: ITCH 1.1
Platform: Win