ITCH Release Notes

3 April, 2009

ITCH version 1.0.5 is primarily a maintenance release so the focus with a few added features, enhancements, most notably improved NS7 support, 64-bit Vista Support for the VCI300.

You do not need to install any previous version before installing 1.0.5. If you have ITCH 1.0.5 Release Candidate 3 installed there is no need to reinstall 1.0.5 Final, they are the same.

New Features and Enhancements:

* NS7 improvements & bug fixes including a firmware update (available in the hardware tab of the setup screen).
* Official 64-bit Vista support for the VCI300.
* Added mixer tab on the setup screen with:
- Crossfader disable option
- EQ options for +6 or 12 dB gain
- Overdrive section for turning up mixer and headphone levels. Please note that cranking this can cause a reduction in audio quality. We recommend only turning these up if you are having problems with output levels.
* Auto backup is now done on exit and the user is given the option whether to perform auto backup or not via a checkbox on the exit screen.
* You can now drag just a file onto "Relocate Lost Files" as well as dragging a folder.
* Holding scroll and double tapping Load A/B will instant double the track from the other deck.
* Safe play/cue option added to the setup screen. When this option is on it requires the user to press either shift on the VCI or shift on the keyboard for the cue or play buttons to work. This does not affect keyboard controls and the playback keys use shift option.
* ITCH saves whether you set the time display to time elapsed or time remaining.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug which could cause ITCH to get itself into a state where the audio stream would restart every few seconds as described in /forum/discussion/138304
* Made pitch bend keyboard shortcut work with the VCI300
* Fix for bug where you can spin out of a small loop in certain circumstances. For example, if you go super-fast (usually in reverse).
* Fixed bug where when setting a manual loop the playhead would sometimes continue on out of the loop
* Fixed bug where repeat doesn't update on other deck if the same song is loaded on the other deck. It should since repeat is a per song setting rather than a deck setting.
* Fix for audio glitching when you have repeat on and also a loop that crosses the start or end of the song. ITCH now ignores the bit of the loop outside the song in this case.
* Changes to the aux gain structure. Should match aux thru levels to aux mix levels regardless of routing internally in ITCH
* Fix so that platters don't go into loop edit mode unless there is a valid loop in the slot for which the cue in/out button is being pressed
* Fix for bug where if you have a cue point at the very start of the song then loading the song on the VCI300 would create a weird semi-loop (the loop led would light but there is no out point and it just stops the cue point from working correctly)
* Fixed bug on the VCI300 where if you push the buttons in the following sequence you end up with both PFL buttons on when you don't want them to be.
1. press and hold PFLB
2. press and hold Scroll (will load a song to right deck)
3. release PFLB
4. release Scroll
5. now press PFLA, you would expect this to turn off PFLB but it wasn't working.
* Fixed bug where sometimes VCI300 level meter LEDs would get stuck on/off.
* Quartz functionality fixes:
- Fixed quartz lock to turn off auto tempo
- Fixed quartz so that it can be turned off by the quartz button
- Fixed bug where quartz would not turn off ghost tempo
- Fixed so that turning on quartz while in reverse doesn't switch to forward playback
* Fixed bug where jumping to a cue point would delete an autoloop if it was on
* Double-tap Instant Double fixes:
- Fix for bug where single PFL button press would cause instant doubles song load on vista
- Fixed bug where you could instant double by double clicking just PFL A/B (and not pressing scroll)
- Instant doubles now starts the deck if it's paused
*Sync no longer causes the playhead to escape a loop
*Fix for crash that seems to happen sometimes when loading corrupt tracks.
*Fix for crash ( /forum/discussion/134699 ) related to drawing of the crate panel and the all crate.
* Improved audio pleasentness when changing latency in the middle of a performance. (Removed "bzzz" glitching)
* Fix to stop mic/aux level meters from metering too low
* Stopped screen refresh rate from affecting some other functionality responsiveness including - cue points & looping, knobs and sliders

Cosmetic Changes

* Moved 'Relocate lost files' and 'Rescan id3 tags' into the files panel
* Pitch & BPM are now displayed to 2 decimal places.
* Fixed flickering of the drop down menus on windows.
* Changed 'Build Overviews' to 'Analyze Files'

Version: ITCH 1.0.5
Size: 6.28 MB
Platform: Win