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Timing of a whole production

Robert The Producer 9:06 PM - 2 October, 2008
Hi There

I wonder if someone could help me here

I am a producer, and am working with an acoustic guitarist & A Pianist

Will Pitch n time le put one beat back in time? or do i require Pitch n time pro?

Also will either of these plug-ins put an entire production perfrectly in time if some of it is slightly off beat?

Many Thanks

Serato, Moderator
Goran 11:01 AM - 22 October, 2008
Hi Robert,

Sorry for the extremely late reply. We're in a support frenzy.
If you're asking whether you can shift only one beat earlier or later, and leave the rest of the song exactly as it is, then you probably need Pro. However, you might be able to do it with LE, by cutting that beat out, cutting the next beat out, stretching the first and squashing the other, and then cross-fading all the bits back into one track. However this might become hard if you have many beats you have to fix.
Second question...if you're asking whether Pitch 'n Time can automatically fix everything, then no. You have to manually tell it where each performance mistake is and how much it should be corrected.
Robert The Producer 7:18 PM - 26 October, 2008

Thanks for your reply. So it looks like I need to get Pro.

OK. So if i want to correct the whole production to make the whole thing sound perfectly in time, then how would I do that?

How do producers do that on comercial material for example? I thought they used Pitch n Time to do that.

Thank you for your help so far

Robert :)
Robert The Producer 12:01 PM - 3 November, 2008
Sorry you are not making it clear exactly what this product does. And it's a lot of money just to blow on one plugin.

Say the timing of a production is dodgy (The Acoustic Guitar Part), because the player is bad, do I have to go to each individual part and correct it with pitch N Time pro?

Is there a way of making the whole guitar part in time again, or do I have to do each part manually?


Josh 12:36 AM - 4 November, 2008
Hi Robert,

if the player is just bad, you would have to manually adjust each error.

Pitch 'n Time does not automatically correct bad playing, it has no algorithm for determining the timing of something, it's strength lies in the sound quality of it's time compression and expansion.