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LeeGrainge 12:03 PM - 25 January, 2013
Hi all.
First, many thanks to Serato for their on-going work with this plug in.

My question is, for years now, in terms of the GUI you haven't made any advances with the plug in.
I have for a long time been a user of this expensive yet excellent plug-in and have wanted to see a change within the panel where I can automate the pitch and time of the waveform. It is still very small and time consuming, trying to be specific with changes takes forever, and as you can imagine this isn't a good way to work when dealing with clients who want everything yesterday! Will you ever consider making a pop out option so it becomes possible to enlarger this part of the plug-in?

May thanks in advance.

LeeGrainge 8:15 PM - 7 February, 2013
Hi Serato?

After spending almost 1K on this plug-in would you be so kind to email a reply!?

It may not be your main product ANYMORE, however you could at least show some professionalism in replying with news.


Martin C 11:44 PM - 21 February, 2013
Hey LeeGrainge,

Apologies for the lack of response! We often don't get a lot of time to browse the general discussion currently with the large number of questions via email and our help requests.

Unfortunately I don't have any news for you right now. We DO have plans to update the plugin, especially to be able to support Pro Tools 10.

I am unable to say exactly when this will happen, but Pitch 'n Time isn't completely forgotten about, it is just unfortunate we have not dedicated any resources in recent times to the plugin.