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BPM Tags....

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
T-One 8:21 AM - 29 June, 2004
SSL is not managing very well the BPM tags. All my songs with the BPM in the ID3 v2 tag show little square signs instead of the BPM value.
I've found that the problem came from the way SSL read the mp3 Tags.
I've done some analysis with mixmeister BPM analyzer, the BPM is tagged automaticaly with this software. With Itunes, it's possible to extract the BPM, but SSL can not extract the tag.
It seems like SSL is waiting for the Tag to be in a certain order (that's an exemple...):
1st the Genre
2nd the name of the track
3rd the BPM
and if the tag is writed in another order :
1st the BPM
2nd the Genre
3rd the name of the track
SSL can not read the BPM tags at all even if the BPM tag is present and normalized.
I have no problem at all with all my other software with these tags.
Any solution?
AJ 8:31 AM - 29 June, 2004
Actually, tag order makes no difference to scratch live, it must be something else to do with the way the tag is saved. If you could email a small mp3 file that has this problem to support at then we can examine it and fix the problem.
T-One 8:41 AM - 29 June, 2004
Ok i will send you a little mp3 with this problem.
T-One 12:41 PM - 7 July, 2004
AJ, did you receive my mail with the 2 mp3 : one with working BPM tag and one with non-working BPM tag??
Did you find the problem and a solution?
DJ C-Zer 4:43 PM - 9 July, 2004
How do you even display the BPM tag in the track listing? I have not had luck ... All I see is Song, Artist, Album, Length, and Comment. The filter (mag glass) doesn't show an option for BPM. Please help.
Sam 11:59 PM - 9 July, 2004
Click on the left facing arrow in the top right hand corner of your library (under the search box) to select which columns you want to display.
Steve W 8:01 AM - 10 July, 2004
As described on page 10 of the Scratch LIVE Operator's Manual