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DJ Kevin Scott Remembering DJ AM's Power 106 Mix (DEC. 2005)

noid25er 1:53 AM - 19 December, 2012
DJ Kevin Scott re-uploaded the full uncut DJ AM's "Power 106 - 12 Days of Mixmas" mix plus the story behind the mix.
This is definitely a classic mix that changed the DJ game.

If anyone has the link for the DEC 2006 mixes from Echo, Vice, Stonerokk, Graham Funke, Fashen & others please share.
Laz219 2:20 AM - 19 December, 2012
Thanks for the link.
Dj-M.Bezzle 2:23 AM - 19 December, 2012
ams retelling


Well well well... This has gotten a lil nusto so I feel I SHOULD say something. First off pardon my grammar and

spelling... I was locked up in rehab when I was 16 and never finished high school.

Let me first address the mix. I did that live at the station. I was asked by DJ Echo to come in for the "12 days of Mixmas -

In the club day" as they call it, and to play ANYthing I wanted to, but to KINDA stick to the club theme. The whole point was

that the station was NOT rated at that time. Meaning they don't need to play Jibbs - Chain Hang Low or whatever song is big

at the time every 40 minutes (I don't work in radio so I don't know the details on how often they must play a song or

whatever. I just know what it sounds like to me so I rarely listen to radio). I do NOT DJ on the radio and that was the first

time in a LONG time I did. I was SO nervous to go there I could barely sleep the night before. I almost turned around in the

car on the way there I was so shook. Then I get there, and DJ Revolution is there!!!!!! He is like a super hero to me so that

just adds to the sweat beads falling off my dome. THEN he comes in the small ass room where I had to do the mix to peep while

I DJed. I was BUGGING!

Back to the issue of the mix sorry, the mix is a year old so I don't really remember what is on it. But lets look at the

track listing and I will tell you what is a "pre made mix" there are 34 songs on this list. There are 7 that ARE pre made and

they are

10) Janet Jackson vs. U2 (GHP MASHUP)
16) crooklyn clan “wanna jump”
19) Jackson 5 “I want you back” (MASHUP)
22) DJ kool “let me clear my funk” (breakwax old school blend)
27) kelis “old school milkshake” (AV8)
29) black eyed peas “my booty humps” (Kevin Scott RMX)
30) My Turkey Humps (MASHUP)

The rest are just songs.

The 90s hip hop part was cause that is what IIIIIIIII wanted to play. If you didn't like it sorry. if you thought it was

predictable sorry. Simply turn it off. I don't remember putting a gun to ANYones head saying "BUMP THIS OR I BLAST YOU" I did

that cause I am old! hahaha A lot of kids that listen to power 106 have NOT heard Tribe or KRS. That is what hip hop is to

me. And I want them to know there is something OTHER then JIBBS! I think its SELFISH to think I was gonna go on the radio and

DJ for 30+ year old DJs who have heard all this REAL hip hop before. I wanted to do my best to put a LIL something for

everyone and still be me AND make myself happy. That is what DJing is about to me. The truth is.. Where else are you gonna

hear that stuff anymore? I learned about 60s and 70s bands from my friends older brothers growing up. I am just trying to

pass the torch of hip hop the way I was passed classic rock.

Let me address some specific comments here..

DeezNotes - In response to "As much as I like it, no one where I'm from could get away with something like that. Maybe on the

cross-over station, but no one I know listens to that station since it's not as diverse."

I wanted you to know the REASON of song selection was that it was a NON rated time of the season for the radio show. They

don't play what I played normally. And also to answer your question, the way I organize my music is in iTunes. For some play

lists I just put a bunch of bangers I wanna play in it. For others I sort by the NUMBER ADDED to the play list, then move em

around in the order I want. So I can have a 88 bpm song next to a 160 one I wanna play it with...

Sid - Thank you homie.. You rule hahahaah

Xavierjoshua - First off I will REP and say, I like Madonna. I like the song Holiday. I actually like a LOT of Madonna songs.

I don't think she's a pop icon cause she makes songs that suck. You forgot to mention that People Mag asked me the top


replying to you now.

El Presidente - "if somebody wants to play 50 cent all night, god bless them, I just won't show up"

WORD UP!! Could not agree with you more homie. DJs SHOULD be themselves and play what they want. AT THE SAME time, when I am

asked "What r u doin tonight?" I say "I'm workin" yes.. "I'm workin" WHY? CAUSE ITS WORK!!!! Its not PLAY. I don't get to

play ONLY what I want. I wish I had it like that. I am not the only person in the room. People come to dance. Like someone

said earlier. I did something with deep dish. There were all house fans there. I don't really play house. WHY they booked

me.. shiiiiiiit I dunno. But You think im NOT gonna take the money and do my best to make people DANCE and be happy? Your

wrong if you think that. I did my BEST, got paid and left. THAT IS WHAT WORK IS! So what I am saying... it's a job dudes.

Oscar Wild 2:23 AM - 19 December, 2012
Thank you for this.
Dj-M.Bezzle 2:24 AM - 19 December, 2012
k scotts telling


Now here’s a little story I got to tell… before I put out the DJ AM UNRELEASED MIX #3 in early 2013, I’d like to tell the full story behind one of his most classic & influential mixes: The Power 106 – 12 Day of Mixmas recording from December 29th, 2005. It’s been 7 years now since it went down and, in retrospect, this singular mix hitting the internet had a massive effect on countless DJ’s and helped move DJ’ing forward into the open format / mashup era that thrived from 2006-2009. To help paint a picture of the times back then, this mix came along when hip hop and NOTHING BUT hip hop completely dominated the clubs and the airwaves. Open format DJ’ing had not fully re-emerged from its’ late 90s coma yet so music was very one dimensional. Also during this time, Power 106 FM in Los Angeles was a STRICTLY hip hop and R&B station, they never deviated from that playlist (even in their mixshows) so this mix was quite a shock to their regular listeners. In December 2005, Power decided to have a “club” themed day of mixes with back to back 2 hour sets from DJ AM & DJ Vice. AM did this mix live in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday for 2 solid hours. (The following year in December, 2006, they expanded this concept and had sets from DJ Echo, Vice, Graham Funke, Stonerokk, Fashen, Eric Dlux & others, AM did not participate in the 2006 festivities). AM was initially skeptical about doing the mix thinking that he didn’t have clean versions of ANY of the music he regularly played but I convinced him that we could make edits of those songs the day before and he’d be set. That’s exactly what we did, we made edits for all the dirty versions he wanted to play the day before and it took pretty much the whole day & night to do so. When December 29th arrived, I headed to AM’s house a couple hours before we were set to leave for the station and he was still doing a few last minute edits for the classic hip hop section of the mix. After we wrapped those up, we headed to Power 106. On the way to the station, he started telling me that he wanted to turn the car around and not do the mix. He admitted that he was really nervous about it and felt that their listeners would hate it because it wasn’t their format. I had to talk him off the ledge on that car ride. I pleaded with him and told him he HAD to do it, that it was a big moment for people to hear something creative other than hip hop and that he was indeed the guy that should do the mix. All truth be told, I believe he was the ONLY guy at the time that could do that mix with the flavor fresh enough to reach the masses and influence DJs. Sensing that this could indeed be a big moment for DJs and DJing and also for a major audience to hear a new style of music and mixing, I texted my man DJ Whitematic on my T-Mobile Sidekick and asked him to record the set. Whitematic had a huge antenna at his house and was all set up to record off the radio (and it’s his recording that hit the internet shortly after it happened). There was definitely a buzz happening in the studio as the mix was happening, I think most people sensed that this was something different, a big moment. Songs like Modest Mouse “Float On,” Madonna’s “Holiday,” Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline,” Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” were definitely a culture shock for the regular Power 106 listener. I remember the phone lines lit up with quite a few ecstatic listeners and there were also quite a few prominent DJs in the house witnessing it all go down including the legendary DJ Revolution, DJ Vice, Gusto, in addition to Eric Dlux & Big Syphe who were about to take over the afternoon shifts on Power 106. During the mix, Eric Dlux worked the main boards in the control room, did most of the on air talking & triggered all the drops you hear during the mix. So here it is… 7 years later, a mix that changed the face of the DJ game, DJ AM’s “Power 106 – 12 Days of Mixmas” recording in its full UNCUT glory:
noid25er 2:45 AM - 19 December, 2012
Thanks for the AM post Bezzle, can you post the link from AM's forum post. Thanks!
Dj-M.Bezzle 2:50 AM - 19 December, 2012
Thanks for the AM post Bezzle, can you post the link from AM's forum post. Thanks!

sure, ill do ya one better, heres a link to every word AM wrote on this forum lol
noid25er 3:05 AM - 19 December, 2012
lol Thanks