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can u explain why i paid 199 $ for serato dj when 2 weeks after price is 115$

elegia 5:49 PM - 17 December, 2012
i want to have answers
LJ_WOOLSEY 6:08 PM - 17 December, 2012
Ya it's CALLED A SALE!!!!!!!!! Everything on there website is on SALE! Jesus!
LJ_WOOLSEY 6:21 PM - 17 December, 2012
Ok i just had a look at the serato store. and it does seem they have now changed it from getting serato video for free to now two price ranges...

Serato DJ on Its Own...(12% sale at the moment) --->

Serato DJ + Serato Video...(12% sale at the moment) --->

So yes i guess if you did'nt want Serato Video you got stung and also the people that said they was getting SERATO VIDEO FOR FREE was also stung.

Very strange move indeed.
Boombox 7:43 PM - 17 December, 2012
True. I purchased serato a couple of days ago ahead of my controller being supported as I thought i was getting a serato video for FREE. It clearly was not.

Need someone from Searto to officially come out with a statement about their purchasing strategy and advertising.
Anton1G 9:35 PM - 17 December, 2012
This feels like it did when Apple dropped the price of the first iPhone after a few months. At least Apple gave us the rebate for the price difference. I hope Serato will do the same.
elegia 10:21 PM - 17 December, 2012
i hope so too because it's just money steal for me
deplaya 11:42 PM - 17 December, 2012
Is there a way to return the software? and re-order at this price?
Boombox 1:00 AM - 18 December, 2012
I'm sure you will not need to. I'm sure Serato will sort out this without having to refund.
DJ_X_Trodinaire 3:08 AM - 18 December, 2012
I believe the different prices are for different controllers

The button states "Upgrade From $129"
Boombox 3:12 AM - 18 December, 2012
Price is the same for all controllers - $129
HV 12:29 PM - 18 December, 2012
Let me up this thread too. Waiting for Serato for their statement.
Dave The One 3:57 PM - 18 December, 2012
I think Serato wants everyone to go to, create an account and select the nowaynohow rebate with the rebate code yallgotbeatseeyounextupgrade.
ASTHEDj 4:10 PM - 18 December, 2012
There are alot of Dj Software out there and there is ONLY about 2 to 4 Dj software that you can use LIVE Djin at big or small gigs with out NO problems,When you spend alot of time with a Dj software it is hard to change to an other one.Buy it paid for it and use it and it will always pay for it self after it over with. It's very hard to change Dj software when you spend so much time/hr in one Dj software.

LJ_WOOLSEY 12:08 PM - 17 December, 2012

Ya it's CALLED A SALE!!!!!!!!! Everything on there website is on SALE!
the SOUNDINSURGENT 7:17 PM - 18 December, 2012
I think Serato wants everyone to go to, create an account and select the nowaynohow rebate with the rebate code yallgotbeatseeyounextupgrade.

Lmmfao!! Samething I was thinking.........
Dave The One 8:34 PM - 18 December, 2012

Dub-Se7en 10:42 PM - 18 December, 2012
sadly, i got caught up in this too, bought serato early to take advantage of the sale, no intention of using video, only for them to release a standalone 'no video' version days later for much cheaper than the 'sale' price.

FabulousFrequencies 4:43 AM - 19 December, 2012
Most retailers will refund the difference if you purchase a product and it goes on sale up to a 30 day limit. Ie. If you purchased it, and it goes on sale within the next 30 days you can request the difference. I actually used this once too, with best buy and a laptop that went on sale 3 days after I bought it. Walked, showed them the receipt and sales flyer; boom.. cash in hand.

Then again, I cannot testify to Serato's ethics :)

- Matt
LJ_WOOLSEY 9:32 AM - 19 December, 2012
But what there moaning about aint the sale its the fact they jave lowered the price full stop.
Dave The One 3:14 PM - 19 December, 2012
So many people beefing about the new pricing. Serato should just delete the Serato Video license from everyone's account who is requesting and issue them a refund for the difference.

I purchased Serato Video when they offered it for 49.00 or 99.00 can't remember. I rarely use it but have it in case someone requests it or when I have time to sit down and make use of it. I now have an extra license that came with the DDJ SX; I'm not bitching and moaning about the price of the DDJ SX or paying for something that I didn't ask for.

In fact I came out winning; I paid 799.00 for my DDJ SX; so if I subtract 199.00 for the Serato DJ and Serato Video; I came out paying 599.00 for my DDJ SX; not too bad.
FabulousFrequencies 3:29 PM - 19 December, 2012
But what there moaning about aint the sale its the fact they jave lowered the price full stop.

What I said applies for price drops, sale or permanent.
LJ_WOOLSEY 3:40 PM - 19 December, 2012
agreed! and by the way they are ignoring this post is not good. I swear serato CEO is an alcoolic with all the bad shocking things been going on the last three years. they just dont know where to take serato! Shame... lets hope things get better and back on track with serato dj.

Since itch came about the company has not been the same.
Dave The One 3:51 PM - 19 December, 2012
But they included Serato Video; that shit isn't free. Wasn't Serato Video 199 by itself? It's 131.00 by itself right now. 199.00 for both is not bad at all; the real value is definitely the included serato dj license included with the ddj sx and if you're lucky Serato video too.

In all honesty; you should have waited or shopped smarter. I had a shot at the DDJ SX the last week of October; I passed it up because of all the crazy sales that go down in December; it paid off; 799.00 for the DDJ SX and Serato DJ and Serato video included; that was only 2 weeks I waited. You gotta hustle and not cry when you get hustled.
FabulousFrequencies 4:01 PM - 19 December, 2012
That's why I did not, and will not own the SX. The whole damn launch was/is a hustle. My comments come as a Serato user in general, and I actually see myself sticking with ITCH come spring. FYI you could have had that controller for 799.99 on launch weekend from the GC promotional sale.
Dave The One 4:18 PM - 19 December, 2012
It wasn't available right away and I refused to wait; once I saw that I could have it within two days of ordering and for the right price I jumped on it; theres still people
waiting for their orders from last month.

I don't like the politics of controllers being tied to specific software. Im a huge fan of Traktor because of this. Actually was; native instruments are slowly closing up all the midi mappings because they want to sell x1, f1's etc...

Ms Pinky VST with ableton live appeal the most to me right now because I'm not a live mix dj as much as I'm a mixtape dj. So Ableton Live with Ms Pinky Vst are my main focus; SErato DJ//Itch are elementary software IMO
Woske 8:45 PM - 19 December, 2012
all this is great, but I bought Serato DJ today. and no key yet in the email.
*eats popcorn*
... continue
elegia 9:08 PM - 19 December, 2012
other french customers contact me will make an action class if we don't have a statement befoe new year
MusicDan 10:33 PM - 19 December, 2012
It seems unfair to do it just days later. It's not like it has been a few months.
Boombox 11:17 PM - 19 December, 2012
Apart from being unfair it is also false advertising.

Cannot advertise Serato video as Free software with purchase of Serato DJ when in fact it was not. As stated by Serato themselves it was BUNDLED with promo price for the bundle. So Serato DJ was and is in fact $129 and if you want to purchase Serato Video as bundle it would cost you another $70 (Discounted from the reg. price of $149). This would total up to $199.

Hey RedDucati,

Check out our release today, which supports the TM2 and TM4 from Reloop. We unbundled, so you can get Serato DJ for $129USD:

I hope that makes the software price a little more accessible for you :)

Original Serato staff post is in this thread here:

What this means is, if one ever paid for the software when Serato Video was incorrectly advertised as free gift then, one should get the respective $70 off refunded back to whatever was used to purchase with.
Further more, one should also keep the Serato DJ as it was advertised as a FREE gift at the time of purchase.
One cannot however complain that Serato decided to reduce the price of their software and ask for that money back. This is marketing and is completely legal and in the norms of trade.

Also just to make it clear and hopefully avoid any misunderstanding the amount refunded should depend on when one purchased the software and what discounts/coupons were used during the purchase. One should not expect to get $70 back if at the time of purchase one took advantage of a discount, coupon code or both.
I think this is pretty straight forward but I feel should be mentioned.
pictureBigger 4:56 AM - 22 December, 2012
could be worse. while christmas shopping on i stumbled across my 2 month old ns6 for $300 less than i paid.

go me.
saNppa 5:42 AM - 22 December, 2012
This story is so sad, even the kittens die in their cradles. Elegia, your first steps in adult world are painful, but I feel you. I'll send you a hug that stops the rain, makes the birds sing and Gandalf look young again.
pictureBigger 3:39 AM - 4 January, 2013
you should take the bird song and spin up a remix