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VCI 300

Terakor 1:09 PM - 27 May, 2008
I have a question, if I want to add 2 turntables to a VCI 300, can I do it by connecting a sound card (I know VCI has a sound card)?
I just want to know if I can add a sound card, if I can what inputs/outputs must I use?
nik39 11:09 AM - 28 May, 2008
I don't think that you can mix any external audio with Itch (except for the mix input). The only Audio which can be passed through is the "emergency pass thru" input. It provides one stereo line level input, which is an emergency input in case your computer freezes. As every audio is calculated inside the Itch software it would not make sense to be able to adjust the audio of that emergency input by Itch.

Definitly no turntables which you can hook up.
cMo 7:34 PM - 1 June, 2008
That's good, I always use my ipod when we switch laptops
frosse 9:20 PM - 1 June, 2008
There's a picture of the ITCH setup which implies that external mixers can be added:
nik39 12:08 PM - 2 June, 2008
There's a picture of the ITCH setup which implies that external mixers can be added:

Which image are you referring to?
frosse 12:14 PM - 2 June, 2008
Image 4/4, the last one.
nik39 11:07 AM - 3 June, 2008
I don't see a mixer there.
frosse 11:35 AM - 3 June, 2008
Maybe I've got this wrong, look at picture 4/4. There's a master out (for amps and mixers etc) and a AUX in (for mixers etc..)

What is it that you're looking for?
nik39 1:39 PM - 3 June, 2008
Just to be clear... are you talking about this picture: <- click
nik39 1:42 PM - 3 June, 2008
Ah, now I understand what you mean. You can connect an additional audio source and "thru" the mixer. For example an iPod or something just to be sure that (if your computer crashes or if you want to switch laptops) there is always music going playing.

It does not mean that you can hook up an external mixer to mix between the left and right deck of Itch. That is all done inside Itch.
frosse 10:15 AM - 4 June, 2008
Yes. I see now. My bad.
cMo 6:30 PM - 6 June, 2008
When I heard the vci-300 was shipping in June I was really hoping they meant June 1st. Or at least the first week of June.

I'm about ready to get this and try it out!

When can we expect it?

Anyone have any inside info?
cMo 10:00 PM - 9 June, 2008
I just saw this:!Rgtc4qzcdSBzk!5tREfzPQ!/Vextax-Controller-With-Serato-Itch-s

They say the VCI-300 won't be available until August! What's up with that??
cMo 10:12 PM - 9 June, 2008
I guess you can't post links. I saw a pretty reliable source / online store said the availability date was in August - ??
dave 11:47 PM - 9 June, 2008
Try this link:

I'm not sure what's up with the availability
DJ 3pm 12:20 AM - 10 June, 2008
i would assume this would be like the initial release of the Rane TTM57SL: there will be a limited first run, likely picked-up by all the pre-order people. i doubt there is a warehouse full of these things just sitting somewhere, they are probably releasing them as fast as they can be cranked out.
bubblersound 8:08 PM - 10 June, 2008
Does anyone know the exact size of the jog wheel?
cMo 2:32 PM - 12 June, 2008
The top of the ns7 looks like one of those Denon CD players with the small vinyl thing.

Has anyone worked with those small records for scratching?

I will pick up both controllers, because the vci-300 will be good for traveling, but the ns7 might actually be good enough to use in the club, for those people who don't have 12's and the 57.