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CRASH when RAM >1.1x Gb

Serato DJ Pro
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX
dj-nice 1:47 PM - 11 November, 2012
As discussed with Martin C in the Serato DJ threat
(memeory leak as in Itch)

i give you a very big Database for testing.

Everytime while playing around a have a look to the task manager and the Ram consumption. Before the program crashes, the Ram grows up >1.1 Gb. I could not remember a crash with <1GB

1:48 PM, 11 Nov 2012
dj-nice attached a file:
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1:48 PM, 11 Nov 2012
dj-nice attached a file: crash.jpg
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1:48 PM, 11 Nov 2012
dj-nice attached a file: crash_with_30k_in_ALL_and_handfull_crates.jpg
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Martin C 2:36 AM - 14 November, 2012
Hey dj-nice,

Again I appreciate you taking the time to create the help request and upload your _Serato_ folder.

I can indeed confirm that this crashes Serato DJ offline player when loading on a Windows computer. I will create a bug report based off this information and make sure to upload your database so that testers and developers can look into the memory usage.

I am sure you have been informed many times already, but this problem potentially leads to a much bigger issue of limitations with our software. I can't promise any fast fix, but hopefully it will be improved by the time your VCI-400 is supported for Serato DJ.

Thanks :)
Kittmaster 4:33 PM - 14 November, 2012

I've provided my large database to Pene in the past, ask her for it so you have another point of reference. I'm over 80K files now, and found alternative solutions.
dj-nice 4:39 PM - 14 November, 2012
what have you done?
Martin C 11:19 PM - 14 November, 2012
Thanks Kittmaster, I will talk to Pene about that for sure.

Definitely would be interested to here what alternative solutions you are using ;)
Martin C 11:17 PM - 18 November, 2012
Hey DJ Nice,

Would you be able to let me know your complete computer specs? Most importantly, memory.

dj-nice 7:54 AM - 19 November, 2012
its a Lenovo R500 Notebook with Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 Prozessor (2.53 GHz)
8GB RAM, 750GB Hard Disk

Same problems on Desktop PC
W7-32bit / 2 GB Ram
Martin C 10:56 AM - 20 November, 2012
Thanks very much!
DJ XpoZur 7:21 PM - 20 November, 2012
Yes, there is definitely a memory issue.

I have 1 MBP 17" and 2 PCs, The MBP with exact same library OSX10.6.8 works flawlessly. On both PC's Win7 64bit crashes when reading iTunes Library. (which contains all music except WhiteLabel) If I uncheck Load iTunes and I can use PCs with White Label music fine.

I upgraded one PC to Win8Pro just to see if there was any difference and there is not, however it is still 64 bit and I am not going to purchase a new license for 32bit to test it.

My library is just under 30k

I have tried to delete all album art from MP3's (no change), convert any MP4s to MP3 (no change), I moved all the itunes library from the /user/music/itunes/media to /music on the root to see if shorter filenames would help (no change). I deleted all my iTunes playlists (no change). I deleted songs down to about 23k (no change).

One thing to note. If I delete the serato database, load serato DJ it will load all the songs and not crash (however the lights on the sometimes get out of timing - ie platter lights flash on and off while turning and VU meters dim / appear to be flashing on and off very quickly). If I then exit and relaunch DJ it will crash.
Martin C 10:54 PM - 20 November, 2012
Hey DJ XpoZur,

I experienced a similar thing when testing with DJ Nices library.

You have taken some pretty serious steps to try and remedy this but unfortunately it has not worked out!

Had you used Scratch Live or ITCH previously?

So you are able to open Serato DJ the first time after creating a new database V2 file?
DJ XpoZur 11:09 PM - 20 November, 2012
Yes, I have an SL3 and Sixty-Two and use Scratch Live. I also have an NS6 but I have not used it for a long time since I dislike Itch.

As a point of reference Saturday night I played out for 4 hours using the bigger PC with SL3/CDJ400's in HID. I had no issues of course. This is the exact library that was non-functional with Serato DJ on DDJ-SX and since it is normally my backup computer I was willing to destroy the library to try to figure it out. This is the PC that I upgraded to Win8 also now. ASUS i7, 8 gig ram.

As to your question if I can open Serato DJ the first time after creating a new V2 file... I believe the answer is yes. When I delete the V2 database and open it works although the lights get goofy sometimes-not always. If I close and open it again, it does not work. I have deleted the V2 a few times and it has always worked the first time and never the second.

I hope this helps, I use my PC as backup in case something happens to my MBP and I would rather keep it that way instead of buying an expensive MBP for backup purposes.
Martin C 4:53 AM - 21 November, 2012
Ok thats very interesting indeed. I would appreciate if you could zip your _Serato_ folder the same as DJ Nice has done and upload it to this thread, I would like to test this issue further!

DJ XpoZur 4:57 AM - 27 November, 2012
Ok, I assume you want it from my back PC to be sure its exact and not from my Mac which it works fine on so I will get that for you when I get a chance in the next day or so.
Martin C 6:52 AM - 27 November, 2012
Ok thanks :)
6:28 PM, 3 Dec 2012
DJ XpoZur attached a file:
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DJ XpoZur 6:28 PM - 3 December, 2012
Here is my _serato_ folder as requested.
Martin C 5:03 AM - 5 December, 2012
Thanks, are you using an external drive by any chance? That library seems to load no problem and doesn't appear to be very big.

Do you use iTunes in ITCH?
DJ XpoZur 8:39 PM - 5 December, 2012
I thought I replied to this already but I don't see it.

I am not using an external drive. I am running win7-64bit and I am using iTunes. I am not trying to use Itch, I am trying to use Serato DJ.

Just to clear things up. I have Itch with NS6 but I do not use it. (I dislike Itch)

I have SSL with SL3 and a Rane 62. I use them with no issues.

I also have a MacBook Pro 17 which is my main computer that runs Serato DJ/SSL without issues. What I want is for my backup PC with the exact same library as my Mac to work with Serato DJ.

I have given up on using the PC for now. I wanted to help with any troubleshooting but it is too time consuming. I will try to upgrade firmware and software today but beyond that, I will just wait until I read about a fix.
Martin C 11:13 PM - 5 December, 2012
Ok sure, thanks for your help anyway DJ XpoZur :)
DJ XpoZur 11:29 PM - 5 December, 2012
I tried the win7-64bit PC with 1.02 firmware and v1.1 Serato DJ and it still does not function.

It functions on my Mac with 1.02 firmware and v1.1 Serato DJ fine, although which screwing around doing some scratching with the right deck, the song all of a sudden jumped to the middle of the song. Slip mode was not on and I did not hit any other controls... It happened once and I can not duplicate it. I will start another thread if it occurs again.
Martin C 12:09 AM - 6 December, 2012
Ok DJ XpoZur,

Can you please start a separate help request detailing your issue, I am thinking your issue is a bit different to DJ Nices.

Please do this, and we will respond to your help request as soon as possible.
lynx106 6:30 AM - 6 December, 2012
Any update on the memory leak issue? I have a large library as well, serato dj works fine when i have a small hd with music plugged in, but when switch over to any of my larger hd's it crashes. :(
Martin C 2:42 AM - 7 December, 2012

Sorry mate, no major breakthroughs to my knowledge, but lots of minor tweaks with every update.

When you say larger HD as opposed to smaller HD, how much are we talking?
3:00 AM, 21 Dec 2012
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