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Guidelines and tips for posting a feature suggestion

Martin C 2:00 AM - 5 November, 2012
Welcome to the Serato DJ Feature Suggestion Area.

If you think you have an idea for a feature that Serato DJ is missing or could be improved upon please start a discussion in this area.

If your idea gathers sufficient community support, we may consider it for inclusion in Serato DJ.

To ensure you have the best chance of getting your idea across please do the following:
- Make sure each discussion has a clear subject title which identifies the feature.
- Describe clearly and concisely what the missing feature is and how you’d like to see it implemented.
- Explain why you’d like the feature and how you'd use it.
- One suggestion per discussion - please make another discussion for other suggestions.
- If you are a forum veteran, and you see a new user posting suggestions that have already been made, please point them to the relevant post in this area.
- Serato staff regularly monitor this area - but please don't be offended if we do not comment on a thread. We are listening!

Please use the search before creating a new discussion, you may find the idea has already been suggested. Showing your support for the idea in the existing thread is a much better way to have the feature considered.

2:00 AM, 5 Nov 2012
Discussion locked by Martin C